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Pertamina Lowers Petrol Prices

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A range of petroleum variants from Pertamina including Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo, Pertamina Dex, and Dexlite have had their price lowered effective from Sunday 5th January 2020.

Implemented throughout the whole of Indonesia, this price reduction is in accordance with a recently issued Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry Decree on prices of petrol sold at public petrol stations.

“The petrol price adjustment is a corporate move that is in line with a government regulation,” said Pertamina spokesperson, Fajriyah Usman. The new prices for Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo, Pertamina Dex, and Dexlite will still vary between regions across the country due to different fuel taxes.

In Jakarta, the price of Pertamax has been reduced to Rp9,200 (US$0.66) per litre from Rp9,850, Pertamax Turbo to Rp9,900 from Rp11,200, Pertamina Dex to Rp10,200 from Rp11,700 and Dexlite to Rp9,500 from Rp10,200.

Source: The Jakarta Post
Image: Panrita News

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