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Jokowi: Jakarta’s Flood Due to Litter and Ecological Damage

Floods Indonesia
Floods Indonesia

President Joko Widodo said that the handling of floods that have hit several areas of Jakarta and surrounding areas must be done jointly by the central and regional governments; provincial, district and city level.

Jokowi said that one of the causes of the flooding at the beginning of 2020 was damage to the ecosystem and ecology. In addition, Jokowi said, there are still many people who litter.

“Because there is damage caused to ecosystems, ecological damage is there. But there is also something that is indeed due to our mistakes in disposing of waste everywhere. Many things,” Jokowi said on Thursday 2nd January.

“But I want the cooperation to be built at the central, provincial, and district or city level so that everything can be handled,” he added.

According to Jokowi, currently, the most important thing is to evacuate the residents affected by flooding. The former governor of DKI Jakarta said that public safety and security must take precedence.

Today, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) is holding a coordination meeting with a number of agencies related to flood disaster management in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Head of BNPB, Doni Monardo, said that inter-agency handling was needed to deal with floods.

He stressed that flood management must not only be concentrated in Jakarta, but across several other affected areas such as Banten, Lebak, Pandeglang, and also Bogor.

Agus Wibowo of BNPB explained the most flood points were in West Java Province with 97 points, DKI Jakarta had 63 points, and Banten reported 9 points.

Source: CNN Indonesia

Image: Jawa Pos

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