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Bali Enters PPKM Level 1 

bali ppkm 1
Bali Enters PPKM Level 1 

The handling of the pandemic is continuing to improve in Bali, with all districts now under PPKM level 1 in accordance with the Instruction of the Home Affairs Minister number 29 of 2022 concerning PPKM level 1 in the Java and Bali regions.

According to the Secretary of the Bali COVID-19 Task Force, Made Rentin, the coverage of booster vaccine recipients has reached 1,925,651 people. This means that 64.02 percent of the 3,007,891 people who are the target of booster dose vaccination have received one.

Therefore, PPKM will be lowered to level 1, with a review in one month’s time. 

The validity period of PPKM level 1 is from 7th June to 4th July,” he said in a written statement on Tuesday 6th June 2022.

The rules for areas that have been set at Level 1 mean that community activities can operate normally with a maximum capacity of 100 percent in various sectors such as restaurants, malls, cinemas, places of worship, and public areas.

For restaurants or cafes with nighttime operating hours, they can still operate with maximum operating hours until 2am with strict health protocols in place. This provision can be implemented by following the health protocols regulated by the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry and the Health Ministry.

The public is also required to use the PeduliLindungi application to screen all visitors and only visitors in the green category in the application are allowed to enter places unless they cannot be vaccinated for health reasons.

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