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Trans-Sulawesi Railway to Boost Local Economy Without Private Investment

Pramod Kanakath
The Government will fund the Trans-Sulawesi railway project entirely, without private investors, in hopes that it will pull foreign money...

With a Projected $200B Opportunity, Lombok is Looking to Attract More Muslim Tourists

Pramod Kanakath
As a republic with the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia plans to tap the Islamic tourism market by promoting Lombok,...

Illegal gold mining operations in Kalimantan threaten lives and the environment

Pramod Kanakath
Illegal gold mining is ubiquitous in Kalimantan. It poses threats to the environment and health risks to indigenous people. It...

Indonesian Coffee is Heating Up: Is Now the Time to Get in on the Java Trade?

Viceroy Bali
At the end of 2014, Indonesia experienced a sharp drop in coffee exports partly due to unfavourable weather conditions. Will...

Investor’s Guide to Indonesia: The Most Promising Startup Sectors

Milafel Dacanay
Startup business in Indonesia is moving forwards in a positive direction, providing a larger area to be cultivated, whilst still...