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Odyle Knight: Astrologer, Author, Lecturer

Author Odyle Knight
Author Odyle Knight with her new book Bali Hai

It is appropriate that the theme of divine providence is the common thread running through all of Odyle Knight’s three books.

Her belief that a universal force guides us along our journey is fundamental to her life’s path, as is the call of destiny, the right to make our own choices and the presence of profound spiritual forces that support all of us along the way.

Australian Odyle Knight was born in northern Greece to a Hungarian mother from Transylvania and a father whose family originated from Spain. Her parents moved to Sydney when she was two years old and Australia has been the base for her adventures ever since. A practicing astrologer, Odyle has travelled the world and now lectures on the subject of astrology on cruise ships.

Recently, she launched her latest book Bali Hai: A Woman’s Journey, the third and final work in her Bali series, at Periplus Bali Galleria. Although some people have questioned whether aspects of her books are true, she insists that everything actually happened. The characters are drawn from real people – friends, adversaries and spirits alike. Odyle is currently living between Sydney and Bali.

What kind of little girl were you?

I was an inquisitive child, sensitive but headstrong. My strongest memory was my refusal to wear shoes because I wanted to tread gently on the earth and not leave any harsh footprints on it.

What was it like growing up as a teen in Australia in the 1960s?

It was the best of times. My friend and I would go to TV studios to dance on pop shows and do crazy things like climb fire escapes of hotels to meet pop stars. To this day I have a valuable collection of autographs, including Bob Dylan, The Who and Eric Clapton.

Were you interested in the ‘psychic’ when you were young?

I had a boundless imagination and loved to get lost in a sea of roses in my neighbour’s garden and create a wonderful fantasy world. My interest in astrology blossomed later on, but as the sun and Neptune were linked at the time of my birth, which is considered the mark of a psychic and astrologer in a birth chart, it seemed I was born with the ‘gift.’

How long have you been a student of astrology?

I received my Diploma in Astrology from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, but it is the many decades of practice and research that followed where the true understanding lies and my passion evolved. Not only does astrology apply to the affairs of man but also to the actions of countries. Astrology impacts on a global level and is the mirror of a profound universal plan.

Have you always loved reading?

As a child I loved reading the encyclopedia because it quenched my thirst for knowledge. Then in my teens came books that shed insight into the human psyche, like the work of psychologist Carl Jung who explored the deeper spiritual aspects of the soul. I went on to major in psychology and history at university and my ongoing interest in these subjects is reflected in my writing.

When was your first time in Indonesia?

I first came to Bali in the 1980s and immediately fell in love with the island, sensing a deep karmic connection. The mystical bond grew over time, with every profound spiritual encounter, most dating back to the ancient kingdoms of Java. Mount Agung in Bali still takes my breath away. Every time I gaze upon the sacred volcano, it’s as if the island’s gods are whispering ancient secrets to me.

How many books have you written?

My first three books Bali Moon, Bali Magic and Bali Hai relate my incredible experiences in Indonesia, and the powerful link to Bali. My fourth book Hippos Eat Grass looks at weight and body type from an astrological perspective. Having once been a teacher and school counsellor, the message of self-acceptance is of profound importance to me.

Were your books self-published?

I had a brief episode with a publisher in Australia but have now self-published all my books. They are now available in most bookstores in Indonesia and worldwide on Amazon, and as e-books.

What did you learn from self-publishing?

That you can create your own reality, and that reality deserves – no – demands to be shared. Inspiring others and validating your life path are worthy goals and there can be no greater aspiration.

What writers do you most admire?

Certain writers have moved me at different stages of my life, but it’s more the people I’ve met along the way who inspire me most. A birth chart is like an unfinished manuscript, which gives an incredible insight into a person’s life path. This pattern will not replicate for 25,000 years so it’s totally unique. Each and every person echoes exciting, fascinating stories yet to be written.

Please tell us about your latest book.

Bali Hai: A Woman’s Journey is a synthesis of all that Bali means to me. It’s 20 years of my life laid bare against an exotic mystical backdrop. The book captures the magic, the history, the intense soul connection, the drama, the romance, the humour, the angst and most of all the spiritual presence that makes Bali so mesmerizing.

Has writing your books changed your life?

My sense of identity has been enhanced as I recognize myself on the page and in the reflective comments of my readers. I learned that a writer can affect a person’s life profoundly by imparting certain insights, especially when that person is you. While understanding others leads to wisdom, understanding yourself brings enlightenment.

If you could require that your PM Tony Abbot read a book, what book would that be?

I would not presume to ‘require’ anything from a leader with a cluster of planets in Scorpio and a moon in Aries. Moreover, he definitely would not presume to entertain any reading suggestions I might give.

What book is on your bedside table right now?

I have not had the luxury of reading for a very long time. Between writing and publishing my own books, book launches in Bali and Sydney, countless charts, researching for lectures and sailing the high seas for the past three years, my life has been a whirlwind. But a truly remarkable one!

To contact Odyle Knight, please email [email protected] or Astrologer Odyle Knight on facebook, or please check out her website

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