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Illegal Vaccine Clinic in North Sumatra Uncovered

illegal vaccine
Illegal Vaccine Clinic in North Sumatra Uncovered

The North Sumatra Regional Police have named four suspects in a case of alleged sale and purchase of the Sinovac vaccine that occurred in April 2021.

The four suspects are SW, 40, a property agent; IW, 45, a doctor at Tanjung Gusta Detention Centre; KS, 47, a doctor at the North Sumatra Health Service; and SH, a state civil servant at the North Sumatra Health Office.

The suspect, SW explained how the group began their purchase and sale of the vaccine to the North Sumatra Regional Police Chief Inspector, General RZ Panca Putra Simanjuntak,

SW admitted to obtaining vaccines from two doctors with the initials KS and IW.  He also admitted that he had given some money for the vaccination.

“The beginning of the story was that my friends were looking for me, where I became a connection for friends who really wanted to be given the vaccine,” he said.

Vaccines were given once the supply had been obtained. “After that, my friends collected the funds and then I gave them to the doctor. Cash and non-cash. The cost was Rp250,000 per person. Initially, I gave it to the doctor, then the doctor rewarded me,” he continued.

IW acknowledged that he had received payment. “It is true that I received the flow of funds and put them into an account and some was in cash. I took the vaccine from the Health Office,” he admitted.

He went on to explain that he usually sends an application to get the vaccine.  “Yes, the letter request was used. But for the social one, I proposed verbally to SH at his office,” he said.

Previously, Panca also summoned one of the vaccine officers, Sufransyah. He admitted that he had vaccinated people three times, one of which was at Jati Residence. Sufranayah also admitted to receiving some money as compensation after vaccination.

“[I only received it] some time after the activity, two to three days later,” said the vaccine administer.

The perpetrators illegally ran vaccination clinics 15 times, with a total of 1,085 participants. The profits were shared mainly between IW, who received Rp220,000, and SW who received Rp30,000 from each vaccine given.

The spokesperson for COVID-19 vaccination at the Health Ministry, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, spoke of regret that that two doctors in North Sumatra were selling COVID-19 vaccine illegally.

“Of course, this is very unfortunate because the government has arranged the stages of vaccination according to priority, which of course corresponds to the risk of transmission and vulnerability,” said Nadia.

Nadia said she considered the incident was demonstrative of community enthusiasm for vaccination. On the other hand, the public have been asked to be patient and adhere to the vaccination priorities.

There are standards in the vaccination process and processes to follow-up events after immunization (AEFI). “We do not expect vaccinations that do not comply with the rules which could potentially lead to AEFI,” she concluded. photo courtesy

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