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Can An Immigration Agency Help Your Singapore PR Application Succeed?

Can An Immigration Agency Help Your Singapore PR Application Succeed?

Singapore is a fantastic city to live and becoming a Permanent Resident is highly sought after. Navigating the application process can be very difficult, but there are many immigration agencies who offer assistance.

This article will explore the different stages of applying for PR and whether it would be beneficial to hire an immigration agency to assist with the process.

Understanding of Immigration Policy and Application Process

Without a sound knowledge of Singaporean immigration laws and policies, applying for permanent residency can be very overwhelming The first thing that an applicant has to ascertain is whether they are eligible to apply. There are various categories of people who are eligible and an immigration agency will ensure that you fit into one of the categories and advise you the best way to proceed. The experts at stated that immigration agencies assemble teams with experience in every facet of the immigration process, including multi-level government officers and professionals working in multinational corporations. The collective experience and expertise of these hand-picked teams ensures comprehensive knowledge of immigration policy and the application process which will greatly increase the chance of a successful application.

Personalized Service

An application for permanent residence is a huge decision and step in anybody’s life and a good immigration agency will offer support and reliable advice as part of a comprehensive, personalized service. Whilst there are the standard legal requirements that all applicants must meet, every application is unique and this is where an immigration agency is particularly useful in maximizing the potential for a successful result. They will prepare a bespoke plan that takes into account your specific set of circumstances and execute each step at the right time. For an application to be successful, communication is very important between the applicant and the relevant government departments, and a good immigration agency will provide experienced representation and will take care of all communications.

Relieve the Burden of the Application Process

Applying for permanent residency in Singapore can be very mentally and emotionally taxing and many people who go through the application process find themselves overwhelmed. An immigration agency takes on the burden of the process which can come as a great relief. There is so much paperwork that must be correctly submitted as well as numerous administrative requirements that must be met, that it can be so time-consuming and stressful, but an immigration agency will have filled out these forms and checked all these boxes thousands of times and will take care of everything. Having experienced professionals ensuring everything meets requirements greatly increases the chances of a successful application.

Document Preparation

There are various legal documents that need to be provided during the application form, including paperwork confirming legal status, as well as other sensitive personal documents. An agency’s legal team will carefully check all of the applicant’s documents before an application is submitted to check everything is in order. This will prevent any time or money from being wasted because of revisions that must be made further down the line of the process. Incorrect or incomplete document submission is one of the major reasons why PR applications get rejected so by appointing an agency to prepare the documents, applications are far more likely to succeed.

Singapore is a fantastic place to live and work and applying for permanent residency in Singapore is a great way to lay the foundations of a successful life there. A reputable immigration agency has all the experience and expertise needed to maximize the chance of a successful application.

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