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My Name is Pete Kavanagh, and I Plan to Run for 400 Kilometres Around Bali to Support Bali Children Foundation

Pete Kavanagh Plans to Run for 400 Kilometres Around Bali to Support Bali Children Foundation
Pete Kavanagh Plans to Run for 400 Kilometres Around Bali to Support Bali Children Foundation

I am Pete Kavanagh, also known by my nickname “Goat”.

I am a father, a friend, a runner, a student sponsor, a coach, a fundraiser, and a believer that nothing is impossible. My motto is “Dream big, do bigger”.

I was introduced to the Bali Children Foundation during a life-changing moment back in 2019. I discovered two things. First, I wanted to do long-distance running. Second, I wanted my running to impact lives positively. These two facets of my life have been intertwined ever since. I am dedicated to sponsoring education for Balinese children, but I would also like to shine a light on the amazing work done by the Bali Children Foundation so that they can continue to raise funds wherever possible and implement their programs across Bali and the nearby islands.

In 2022, I was involved in an amazing event called the Bali Hope Ultra which was an 84-kilometre non-stop, long-distance run around Bali, and I became the oldest person to complete it.

Now, my motto “Dream big, do bigger” has inspired me to organise a solo run spanning 400 kilometres around Bali; the run itself is to be completed in six days. My latest challenge will begin on the 16th of May, 2024, and finish at the Alila Hotel on Seminyak Beach on the 22nd of May, 2024. This run will have its starting line at the Bali Children Foundation offices in Kerobokan, from which I will run eastward to Pekutatan, Menjangan, Lovina, Kubu, Manggis, Sanur, and, finally, a short 20-kilometre run to Seminyak to reach the finish line. Each day will commence at 5.30 local time, after which I will run for 8-10 hours each day.

I have an incredible support crew who will take care of my needs each day and ensure I keep moving towards my goal. The Nusa Medica medical clinics will also provide backup medical support and advice. It has been amazing to have them available by my side. Each day I plan to complete the distance of, on average, 67 kilometres (also known as a ‘marathon and a half’) and burn approximately 9,000 calories. Hence, nutrition and hydration will be critical.

Goat's Lap of Bali
Goat’s Lap of Bali

I would also like to mention some of my major sponsors, particularly the hotels that will be taking care of us each night: The Puri Dajuma, The Naya Gawana, Lovina Bali Resort, Relax Bali Resort, Alila Manggis, Hyatt Regency, and the Alila Seminyak. Each of these amazing places has acknowledged what we are doing and they were incredibly quick to throw their support behind me and my crew.

My route will take me through many of the regions in the northern part of Bali where the Bali Children Foundation delivers its programs. Moreover, on some days, I will have groups of students come down to support and cheer us on. This will be particularly inspiring for me as they are the reason I am doing this.

Ultimately, the main goal of this challenge is, of course, to raise funds. We are hoping to raise at least AUD 25,000. My other wish is that people will draw inspiration from what I will be doing and, afterwards, they will break the mould and set their own challenges by simply removing themselves from their comfort zone and, maybe, making a difference in another person’s life in the process.

For more information about my run and if you readers wish to donate in support of my cause, you can do so by visiting my website or reach me directly via my Instagram account @pete_kavanagh. For more information about the Bali Children Foundation, feel free to watch the videos attached.

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