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North Luwu Floods Kill 36 People, More are Missing

North Luwu Floods Kill 36 People, More are Missing

The North Luwu regency of Indonesia was struck by flash floods on Monday 13th July, triggered by heavy rainfall and overflowing rivers.

On Friday 17th July, Mustari, Head of Makassar’s Search and Relief Office declared,

“We report the results of the combined search and rescue operation – there are 36 dead and we are still searching for 16 people.”

He also reported that of the 36 victims, 10 were still to be identified. He hoped that the 10 unidentified individuals and 16 missing people would be found.

Mustari also reported on the weather conditions in the city of Masamba in North Luwu district. He stated that sunny conditions would make it easier for the team to search and deploy enough equipment to help find the victims.

According to reports from the combined SAR team including Basarnas, TNI-Polri, Damkar, volunteers and potential SAR, the first victim was found in Radda village. Only two hours later, the second victim was found in the same village.

In the official status data as of 17th July it stated that 1,594 people had been affected, 1,542 had survived, 36 people are dead, and 16 people are still missing.

Temporary data from The National Agency for Disaster Countermeasures (BNPB) recorded that 3,202 housing units, nine schools, and 13 houses of worship including 12 mosques and one church had been affected by the floods. One health facility, a laboratory, one PSC unit, and eight government offices were also affected.

An approximate 12.8 kilometres of access roads and nine bridges also sustained damage. The impact of the floods led to mud and sand overflowing, creating landslides and damaging agricultural land and ruining plantation land as well.

Further information regarding the status of the victims is to be provided.

Source: Antara News

Image: Detiknews

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