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Indonesia Joins Other Countries in Condemnation of Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

Indonesia President Joko Widodo has publicly criticised the announcement by US President Donald Trump who recently recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Thousands of Indonesians are expected to join the global condemnation by taking to the streets to protest against Trump’s decision.

Last week Jokowi denounced the move by Trump on national television, saying it violates several UN resolutions and could “shake up security in the Middle East and the world. Indonesia strongly condemns the United States’ formal recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. We ask President Trump to reconsider the decision,” Jokowi said on Metro TV.

He added that his government has responded quickly to the issue by urging OIC member states to organize an emergency meeting to discuss it.

Three days later on Sunday thousands of people gathered outside the US Embassy in Jakarta to protests against Trump’s decision. The rally, organised by Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), featured speeches by Indonesian Muslim leaders who call on the people and government of Indonesia to put pressure on Trump to cancel his plan to move the US embassy to Jerusalem in the coming years.

“Indonesia as the world’s largest Muslim country has the largest responsibility toward the independence of Palestine and the management of Jerusalem,” he told reporters, as quoted by Reuters.

Similar protests were seen in other Asian countries, including in Malaysia and Pakistan, where people have also taken to the streets to condemn Donald Trump’s decision.

Likewise, as reported by Reuters, hundreds of protesters gathered in Afghanistan’s capital with placards, effigies of Trump and at least one burning of the American flag. About 3,000 people in Bangladesh have also gathered in front of the main mosque in Dhaka to protest.


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