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An Island in Bloom: The Indulgent Lombok Experience at Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort

Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort
Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort

Lombok, an island in Indonesia’s West Nusa Tenggara province, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and cultural richness.

Personally… I hadn’t set foot on Lombok in years. The first and only time I had been to the beautiful island was back in 2015. That initial visit didn’t leave a strong impression, as I hadn’t paid much attention to my surroundings. However, upon my return, I vowed to fully immerse myself in Lombok’s landscapes, people, and nuances. This time, I knew it would be easy as I was going to experience Lombok through Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort.

Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort beckons with a wealth of amenities tailored for indulgence and relaxation. Dive into luxury with two shimmering outdoor pools, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, and a rejuvenating spa offering an array of treatments to unwind body and soul. When it comes to dining, the resort spoils guests with choices: from a beachfront restaurant to a chic poolside bar and a cosy lobby lounge perfect for unwinding with a cocktail at sunset.

Families are well-catered for with a vibrant kids’ club offering a medley of activities, ensuring younger guests are happily occupied. Throughout the property, enjoy complimentary WiFi, hassle-free private parking, and convenient airport shuttle services.

The resort’s prime beachfront locale grants effortless access to the stunning Mandalika Beach, while tranquil garden and terrace areas provide serene retreats for quiet moments. Business travellers will find the resort’s modern meeting and event spaces equipped with all essentials, ideal for seamless conferences and corporate gatherings amidst breathtaking surroundings.

When I arrived at the airport, a man holding up a “Pullman” sign was already waiting to take me to the resort. As he drove, he kindly tended to my intrusively inquisitive self. Our extensive chat about Lombok provided me with valuable insights into the island’s current state in the tourism sector. He believes there is far more than meets the eye with Lombok, but the infrastructure has not been able to support the expansion of its full potential. This knowledge sank in as I quietly observed parallels during the drive: the roads were empty, but I was accompanied by beautiful views of the hills.

At the lobby, I noticed numerous flower sculptures adorning the main pathway. My curiosity led me to inquire about them, and I discovered that these were Mandalika flowers, native to Lombok. Interestingly, this intentional design choice reflected the flowers that share their name with the area where the resort is located.

Amenities at Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort
Amenities at Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort

Once checked in, I was escorted to my room. As the doors to my Deluxe Ocean View Room opened, I let out a small gasp. The spacious room featured wooden accents and earthy-neutral colour palettes, blending Lombok tradition with contemporary flair. Beautiful wooden Lombok carvings and stylized murals evoking the island’s flora added splashes of vivid colour. The bathroom included a square, beige bathtub and a spacious shower area. The extra-roomy bed was a wonder, and I had the pleasure of enjoying it all by myself. However, the true highlight was the breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean stretching out before me, a sight that left me utterly captivated and thoroughly indulged.

I had initially desired to rest and allow the comfort of the bed to swallow me whole, but my eagerness to explore this new territory took precedence. So I rose, and in an attempt to refuel my energy, joined the Idul Adha brunch held at their Aer Restaurant that, fortunately, coincided with my arrival! The buffet spread was plentiful, featuring a delightful array of cuisines spanning Western, Asian, Indonesian, Arabic, and more. Choosing favourites proved to be challenging… but the Cacio E Pepe from their live pasta station as well as the beef and chicken shawarma from the Arabic Mezzeh corner stood out as my personal highlights.

With my stomach full and my energy replenished, I decided to explore the resort’s activities, starting with a tie-dye workshop. The session was creative and fun, resulting in a lovely contortion of pink, purple, and red t-shirt that I took home with me as a souvenir. Still brimming with energy, I moved on to archery. An instructor at the resort refreshed my knowledge of the basics and then sent me off to aim for the bullseye for the better part of an hour. It was a thrilling and physically stimulating experience, and all within the comfort of the resort.

In the spirit of unwinding from the day’s excitement, I found myself at the Afternoon High-Tea in the HUB daybeds, already prepared for my arrival. The spread consisted of delicious sweet and savoury nibbles, alongside a refreshing Iced Jasmine Tea. Sipping on the tea, I was treated to a breathtaking sight: buffaloes passing through the beach against the backdrop of the clear blue skies. It was as if a scene from a movie, where nature and relaxation converged before my eyes — a moment of truly unexpected beauty and tranquillity.

Dinner at Sgara Restaurant was truly delightful. As I perused the menu, the waitress recommended the Tonno & Pistacchi dish. Feeling adventurous, I threw caution to the wind and took her suggestion. The tender tuna loin, encrusted with crunchy pistachios and complemented by a flavourful vegetable mayonnaise, transported my taste buds to new heights. As for the drinks, I sought another suggestion from her. “Preferably something sweet and refreshing,” I said, to which she promptly answered, “You would love the Pinky Promise, then.” Trusting in her tastes proved to be a great choice, as the drink quickly became a personal favourite throughout my stay.

Feeling completely repleted, I headed back to the room for a delightful warm bath before settling into bed. The plush, inviting pillows held me gently, lulling me into a peaceful rest where my dreams awaited.

I woke up the next morning feeling completely refreshed after a restful night’s sleep, eager to indulge in the delightful floating breakfast arranged by the resort. As I sipped on my refreshing almond milk and took another bite of my perfectly cooked scrambled eggs, I basked in the enchanting view of the beach from the pool of the Two Bedroom Beach Villa. My inner monologue echoed, “it doesn’t get any better than this….

So, what came next on the agenda for exploring the island? Visiting the traditional villages of course! I had the opportunity to explore the two traditional villages — otherwise known as Desa AdatEnde and Sade. It was an enlightening and captivating journey into Lombok’s traditional culture. The villagers were warm and hospitable, graciously inviting visitors into their homes to witness their daily routines.

Stopping by for lunch at Aer Restaurant, I was in for yet another treat. I couldn’t resist ordering Chef Is’s special Caesar’s Salad, prepared right before my eyes with fresh ingredients. For the main course, I indulged in tender Wagyu Beef accompanied by a savoury sauce and creamy mashed potatoes. Ending on a sweet note, the rich Tiramisu dessert left me fully satisfied and eagerly ready for my next adventure.

Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit
Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit

Afterwards, I visited the Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit, conveniently located near Pullman Lombok Resort. I’ve come to learn from the locals that during MotoGP or other private race events, the Mandalika area becomes extremely packed. Fortunately, I visited when no events were scheduled, allowing me to enjoy a lap around the circuit. And let me tell you… what a stunning vista and thrilling experience it turned out to be!

Next on my agenda was the enchanting Sunset Picnic by The Beach at Pullman Lombok’s beachfront — an experience set in a romantic spot overlooking the serene sea. Dining against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset was truly mesmerising, enhanced by the gentle sea breeze that added an ethereal touch to the moment. The dishes, featuring delights from Sgara Restaurant such as the Italian Lobster and Scallop, were bursting with flavour, perfectly complementing the seaside ambience. And to top off the evening, my newfound favourite drink, the Pinky Promise, rounded out the picnic experience beautifully.

To conclude my final night in Lombok, I treated myself to a soothing full-body massage at the resort’s spa. After a day filled with exploration, the massage proved to be exactly what I needed. I appreciated the thoughtful detail of a bowl of flowers beneath the massage table — a small touch that added to my relaxation and visually stimulated my senses. My masseuse, a delightful lady, not only provided a calming treatment but also engaged me in lively conversation. It was no wonder that I slept soundly, feeling as sound as a newborn baby upon returning to my room.

Cooking Class with Chef Is
Cooking Class with Chef Is

On the morning of my final day, I reluctantly rose from the bed, feeling rejuvenated yet longing to linger a bit longer with the ocean view. After a brief moment of reflection, I headed to the breakfast buffet. Though a tough feat, I exercised restraint in anticipation of an upcoming cooking class with Chef Is. I opted to learn the art of preparing Pasta ai Funghi, and under Chef Is’s expert guidance, I gained the experience of crafting pasta from scratch. He generously shared cooking tips passed down from his Italian chef mentors, as I promised to never repeat it to another soul. We concluded the session by savouring the–exceptionally delicious–fruits of our labour.

My time at Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort only solidified my newfound adoration for Lombok. It was a paradoxical experience; while Lombok offers so much to explore, the resort has a compelling allure that makes you neglect the desire to leave. The resort offers everything you could desire: with its exceptional service, immaculate scenery, tantalising cuisine, and stimulating activities. What more could you want?

pool sunset - pullman lombokAs a resident of Bali, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the two respective islands. Lombok, reminiscent of Bali yet distinctly different, captivated me with its untouched beauty and serene charm. Unlike bustling Bali, Lombok remains quaint and unspoiled — a hidden gem I selfishly wish to preserve. However, I recognise that such a beautiful island deserves recognition and growth. As much as I cherish Lombok as my own peaceful paradise, I also wish for its continued prosperity and the love it receives from others who may love it just as I did. Lombok has found a special place in my heart, and it would be impossible to keep me away from its charms.

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