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Jokowi Declares Protests Based on Fake News

Jokowi Declares Protests Based on Fake News

President Joko Widodo stated that the demonstrations against the Omnibus Law that have been widespread across Indonesia are a result of misinformation and fake news.

“I see a demonstration against the Job Creation Law from disinformation and social media hoaxes,” said Jokowi on Friday 9th October.

He gave multiple examples of misinformation such as minimum wages, wage rights, and layoffs. He also cited other hoaxes such as those related to Environmental Impact Analysis.

Furthermore, Jokowi asked that those who were not satisfied with the contents of the Omnibus Law conduct a judicial review at the constitutional court.

“Our constitutional system does say that. If you are still not satisfied and refuse, please take a judicial review at the Constitutional Court,” Jokowi said.

It is clear that many people reject the Omnibus law, including workers, students and academics. Others are urging Jokowi to issue government review of the law.

Source: CNN Indonesia

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