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Deaths Total 10 in Yogyakarta Flood Disaster, Suspect Arrested

Officials trying to evacuate the victims of Yogyakarta flash flood


The search for victims of a flash flood that swept away students of SMPN 1 Turi, Yogyakarta has officially come to an end this morning. Officials stated that all students have already been found and a total of 10 dead bodies have been recovered. All were female students. The last 2 dead bodies were found 400 metres away from the scene of the accident.

The head of the National Search and Rescue Agency, Lalu Wahyu Efendi, stated, “Total dead bodies are now 10 and all students are already found, we closed the search officially today at 8 am”.

Police confirmed they had arrested a person, with the initials IYA, who was one of the scouting mentors on the trip. IYA has been arrested as a result of his lack of oversight of the students. IYA is alleged to have broken article 359 KUHP; causing death as a result of dereliction and article 360 KUHP; the wounding of victims as a result of dereliction. IYA could face 5 years of imprisonment if found guilty.

IYA were arrested last night, Sunday 23rd February. There were other mentors, but so far police only suspect IYA and one other, a PE teacher, that joined the trip. Head of Public Relations of the Regional Police of Yogyakarta said, “We are still investigating and do not close off any chances of having other suspects.”


Source: Detik

Image: Dok. Basarnas

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