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COVID-19 New Travel Requirements Announced

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The COVID-19 Response Acceleration Task Force has issued new guidance in the circular letter no. 9 year 2020 dealing with the rules for people who need to travel as well as timeframes to adapt to the new normal.

The new letter is an amendment to circular letter no. 7 year 2020.

The letter is signed by the chairman of the COVID-19 Response Acceleration Task Force, Doni Monardo. The contents don’t change the underlying details of the previous letter, but modifies the requirements when wanting to travel.

The letter states that anyone wishing to travel must stick to health protocols, that is wearing masks, keeping a safe distance, and handwashing.

People who choose to travel using public transportation on land, sea, and air must meet other requirements such as carrying valid identification. Anyone travelling by public transport must also present a negative PCR test certificate or a non-reactive rapid test with a validity of 14 days upon departure.

As an alternative, if PCR or rapid testing isn’t available in an area, a doctor’s note stating an individual is free from influenza symptoms that’s issued by a hospital or health centre is permissable.

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Meanwhile, travel requirements of people coming from abroad are that they must conduct a PCR test upon arrival if they have not taken a test and cannot show a letter with PCR result from the country of departure. Rapid tests are excluded from the state cross border posts (PLBN), which don’t have the facilities, instead, they should show a letter free stating from flu symptoms.

Previously, travellers needed to present a certificate of a PCR test with a negative result that was valid for seven days or a rapid test certificate that had been done in the previous three days up to departure.

These new rules are effective from the date it was issued and can be changed according to the developing situation.

Source: Okezone and Covesia

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