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Eight Great Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads in Jakarta and Bali

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Recent trends show people’s increasing desire to work from the comfort of their homes instead of being holed up in an office building from nine to five. Experts and entrepreneurs in Bali and Jakarta have picked up on this, and while not everyone can work from home for various reasons – perhaps for some, it’s just too easy to take a nap during working hours – comfortable alternatives to traditional office spaces have emerged.

If you fancy yourself a ‘digital nomad’ in Bali or Jakarta, then you would do well to familiarize yourself with the coworking spaces and communities in both places.

In no particular order, here are eight great coworking spaces for expats in Jakarta and Bali.

1. Conclave

The place has gained popularity for being one of the best coworking spaces in the capital city. It is located on Jalan Wijaya in South Jakarta. Conclave adopts an industrial interior design, aiming to attract younger workers and expat entrepreneurs alike.

Conclave has numerous facilities, including an auditorium, library, private offices and more. It offers global membership deals that range from Rp.3 million (US$225) monthly to Rp.25 million (US$1,874) yearly.

The idea behind Conclave is to gather all the city’s creative entrepreneurs and professionals under one roof and have them communicate with and support each other. Hence, the variety of facilities.

2. CoworkInc

CoworkInc is one of Jakarta’s newest coworking spaces. It is located in the Kemang area of South Jakarta, which is well known as a hub for luxurious homes and popular cafes.

The venue is suitable for those who seek a comfortable place to work at. With the workspace’s design being predominantly white, CoworkInc brings out a positive and relaxing ambience. CoworkInc has also received positive reviews from many of its resident clients.

This coworking space is open for anyone to join, with friendly rates that provide daily passes, ten-day passes and monthly passes. Prices range from Rp.175,000 (US$13) to Rp.3 million (US$225), depending on the package. Additionally, you may also want to rent a space here for your company’s events.

3. Cre8

Cre8 is a favourite coworking space among Indonesia’s startup founders. Cre8 has several branches spread out across the city, with the newest one opening on PIK Avenue in North Jakarta. You may also find Cre8 in Bali and Surabaya. Due to its popularity in Indonesia, Cre8 has also decided to setup coworking spaces in the Philippines and Malaysia.

The founders of Cre8 mentioned that they designed the coworking space specifically for startup founders. Thus, it offers fellowship and mentoring programmes for fledgling entrepreneurs. Cre8 also provides strategic access to key people from venture capital firms, the Angel Investment Network of Indonesia and other affiliated startup funding groups.

4. Kolega

Kolega has three branches in the city, located on Antasari Road, Senopati and Tebet. The place is filled with bright lights and large windows to keep you inspired and relaxed.

Kolega’s industrial design is adopted from similarly themed cafes around Jakarta. Its facilities are suitable for those who work in creative industries. The place is even open for students who need a place to study.

Each branch has different styles and pricing packages. On Senopati, you may rent the space daily for Rp.175,000 (US$13), while in Tebet and on Antasari Road, the daily prices range from Rp.125,000 (US$9.37) to Rp.150,000 (US$11.24). Kolega also offers long-term office suites priced between Rp.14 million (US$1,048) and Rp.30 million (US$2,247).

5. Tier Space

Tier Space in South Jakarta is another coworking space that is not to be missed. The artsy design and outdoor collaborative space successfully managed to grab the public’s attention. Despite widespread knowledge of Tier Space, this coworking space was only built in 2015 and has already been featured in several lists of Jakarta’s best coworking spaces.

Tier Space is available to rent for retreat purposes, as well as training workshops. You may pay an hourly rate starting at Rp.40,000 (US$3) or pay monthly for Rp.1,250,000 (US$93.65). It is located on Bhakti Road, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

6. Outpost

Outpost claims to be the largest coworking space in Bali, taking pride in its Google-like work environment. The place is located in the village of Nyuh Kuning in Ubud.

Outpost offers a place to work in the midst of nature and nearby Balinese restaurants. Outpost has so far received positive feedback from clients and has likewise been hailed as the area’s ideal workplace. It also offers access to a swimming pool whenever you feel tired or are just looking for a change of pace. Price ranges from Rp.200,000 (US$15) to Rp.3,590,000 (US$269) depending on the type of deal you are interested in.

7. Kumpul

Working within walking distance of Sanur Beach in Bali is easier when you’re based in Kumpul coworking space. Kumpul’s architecture resembles old-town Jakarta where the interior adopts a minimalistic and modern design.

Some claim that Kumpul has the fastest internet connection speed on the island, and the place is always filled with locals and foreigners alike. One of the greatest things about Kumpul is that it is located near a bunch of restaurants, cafes and bars. For Rp.990,000 (US$74) each month, you can enjoy all of Kumpul’s facilities.

8. Hubud

The first coworking space Bali, Hubud was built in 2013 by three families who met at Green School Bali. Hubud incorporates a bamboo theme in its design, and members can overlook a serene rice field as they build their businesses. Those with large teams and money to spend can also rent out the villa in the back.

Although it is best known for the coworking space it provides, Hubud is also renowned for the spiritual activities held there, including yoga and holistic healing classes. Hubud also hosts numerous skill-sharing and networking events throughout the year. Hubud’s prices range from Rp.800,000 (US$60) to Rp.3.7 million (US$275) per month.


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