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Rp5million Fines for Ignoring Isolation Protocol

Graha Wisata Ragunan - Rp5million Fines for Ignoring Isolation Protocol

DKI Jakarta residents who test positive for COVID-19 are required to carry out independent isolation.

There are currently 98 referral hospitals as well as government-provided hotels or guesthouses for quarantine purposes.

The three hotels being used for self-isolation in the DKI Jakarta area include Ibis Style, U Stay Hotel, and Ibis Senen. The self-isolation locations provided by the government include the Jakarta Islamic Centre, Graha Wisata Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, and Graha Wisata Ragunan.

If a COVID-19 patient refuses independent isolation, health workers are obligated to force patients to comply. This regulation has been put in place by the DKI Jakarta Government and COVID-19 Handling Task Force.

Article 9 of DKI Jakarta’s regulations states that: “Every person who does not carry out isolation is subject to forced efforts as determined by the provincial COVID-19 Handling Task Force.”

Every person who leaves a mandated healthcare facility or escapes from self-isolation can be subject to administrative fines of up to Rp5million.

Source: Kompas

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