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Death Toll Rising: Junior High Students Swept Away in Yogyakarta Floods

Rescue Team on the side of Sembor River, Yogyakarta


At least six students have reportedly died in an incident caused by flash flood during a trek on the banks of Sembor River, Yogyakarta. The students were swept away as they were trekking along the riverbank.

The students were from Turi 1 Junior High School, and were all 7th and 8th graders. They had gone on a scouting trip despite the weather conditions, resulting in 250 students being swept away as the river burst its banks in a flash flood during torrential rains.

“The sky was full of dark clouds above the river’s upstream area. The residents were worried that it would rain in the upstream and cause a flash flood,” said Tarnoto, the head of Dukuh village. It was said that the villagers had urged the students to cancel their trip because of the weather.

According to National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), Agus Wibowo, “When the students were alongside the river, a sudden flood with torrential currents occurred and swept away the students.”

The local disaster and mitigation team are offering their help during the emergency rescue situation. “At the moment, a joint team involving a search and rescue team and the Sleman Police is still searching for the victims,” Agus said.

Though the situation is still developing, it was last reported that the death toll had rising to eight and rescue team is still in search for more. At least 23 students were injured.

Source: The Jakarta Post

Image: The Jakarta Post

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