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DKI Jakarta Offers 21 Projects at the Jakarta Investment Forum 2023

DKI Jakarta Offers 21 Projects at the Jakarta Investment Forum 2023
DKI Jakarta Offers 21 Projects at the Jakarta Investment Forum 2023. Image Source:

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is hosting the Jakarta Investment Forum (JIF) 2023. A total of 21 projects are being presented at this annual business forum event in Jakarta.

The forum took place at the St Regis Hotel in Jakarta on Thursday, 3rd August 2023. DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary Joko Agus Setyono stated that his party is open to welcoming investors to Jakarta.

“The 2023 Jakarta Investment Forum is an internationally scaled business and investment forum organised by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta to promote potential projects in DKI Jakarta to both domestic and foreign investors,” said Setyono in his remarks on Thursday, 3rd August 2023.

“The Regional Government truly needs partners in developing the area. Therefore, we, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, warmly welcome this forum,” he continued.

Setyono conveyed that economic growth in Jakarta is currently on the rise. Jakarta’s economy, he said, grew by 4.95 percent year on year in the first quarter of 2023. Positive growth was primarily driven by increased investments, strong household consumption performance, and continued robust export performance.

“In addition, the decline in energy commodity prices and maintained domestic demand have also contributed to Jakarta’s economic growth,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the transportation and warehousing sectors recorded the highest performance and grew by 17.43 percent. “Increased mobility of the people has had a positive impact on the transportation activities in Jakarta,” he said.

Setyono mentioned that this year’s Jakarta Investment Forum is themed “Global City and Beyond”. This theme aligns with Jakarta’s projection as a global-scale economic and business centre after it no longer holds the status of the National Capital.

“It is hoped that through optimal financing and investment mechanisms, Jakarta can continue long-term development activities and strategic projects that support the quality of people’s lives to realise Jakarta as a city for all,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Jakarta Investment Center (JIC), Tona Hutauruk, explained that this forum also held plenary discussions, thematic discussions, and workshops. Various national and international speakers from various backgrounds will attend to enrich the discussion regarding Jakarta’s future development plans.

Not only that, Hutauruk said that at this year’s JIF event, his party also provided a Sustainability Reporting for Companies Workshop session regarding the preparation of Sustainability Report documents for entrepreneurs in Jakarta. It is expected to improve the ability to prepare documents regarding sustainable practices and visions done by the company.

“JIF 2023 presents 21 investment projects from five DKI Jakarta Regional Owned Enterprises, namely PT MRT Jakarta, PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, PT Transportasi Jakarta, PT Jakarta Propertindo, and PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung,” Hutauruk explained.

The following details are the projects offered at JIF 2023:

  1. Fatmawati Extended Concourse
  2. HI Roundabout Extended Concourse
  3. Dukuh Atas Pedestrian Deck
  4. Fatmawati Mixed-Use
  5. Blok M Mixed-Use
  6. LOT A Ancol Residential Development
  7. LOT B Ancol Mixed-Use Development
  8. New Marina Ancol
  9. Mermaid Resort
  10. East Ancol Mixed-Use Development
  11. West Ancol Mixed-Use Development
  12. Ancol Hotel
  13. Ecopark Mixed-Use Development
  14. LRT Development Depot
  15. LRT Jakarta Phase 2A-28
  16. BRT Transjakarta Shelters
  17. JIEP Lot 4 Project
  18. Pedestrian Shelter Redevelopment
  19. Medical & Biomedical Waste Facilities
  20. Regional Waste Processing Facilities
  21. Green Shelter Electricity

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