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Sustainability at Jogja Tourism Festival 2019

Jogja Tourism Festival (JTF) 2019 recognises sustainable tourism in Yogyakarta with the introduction of five elements, given the moniker of penta-helix elements; government, business, actors, academics, media, and communities, in hopes of building knowledge, empowerment, and inspiring tourism stakeholders to take necessary action to accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable tourism sector and the realisation of Yogyakarta as one of the leading tourism destinations in Southeast Asia by 2025.

“In this JTF, we want to build up an ecosystem. All the elements we called penta-helix will collaborate in this joint experiment room to develop tourism in Yogyakarta. We hope this ecosystem can bring benefit,” stated by the JTF 2019 Head of Committee, Muhammad Adlid Haq.

The festival resulted with three vital values:
• Each penta-helix element realised that tourism has a potential role as a driving force in economic and social development.
• Reconfirmation of the determination to increase and develop the cooperation amongst the penta-helix elements.
• Cooperation amongst the penta-helix elemens is guided by the basic principles of development: supported and based on objectives to develop tourism in Jogjakarta.

Attended by 30 agencies as representatitives, JTF 2019 was finalised by a joint pledge to declare Yogyakarta a Sustainable Tourism Destination. Each representative carried a cup of soil taken from five districts; Kulonprogo, Gunung Kidul, Bantul, Sleman, and Yogyakarta which were then put together into big pot to symbolise fusion and unity.

“This symbolises fusion, that we will, all together, develop Yogyakarta’s tourism. Our egos should be removed because they should be united into one,” he added.

JTF 2019 became the one and only tourism festival in Indonesia and one of two festivals in Southeast Asia recognised by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

“I convey my appreciation, thank you, and appreciate all elements that have supported and participated in the JTF and for tourism development in Yogyakarta. Let’s collaborate and work together to create sustainable events likes this to develop tourism in Jogjakarta, so it will provide more benefits,” said Head of Yoyakarta Tourism Office, Singgih Raharjo.

During this World Tourism Day, there was a series of events that took place from 3:00pm until 10:00pm. Visitors took part in the Sand Dunes Clean Up Join Act to clean up litter around the sand dunes. They also enjoyed a Photo Model Contest, a spectacular sunset experience, various food and beverages stalls providing local food, traditional handicrafts, and more. Last but not least, the Symphony Orchestra entertained the visitors for the rest of the night.

Jogja Tourism Festival (JTF) is a collaborative event, acting as the only tourism festival in the Yogyakarta region that is based on public-private partnerships with government. This is not a funded festival, as it relies on all participants’ contributions to make this grass-roots festival a successful experience for all.

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