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Bali Named World’s Happiest Holiday Destination in 2022 

Happiest Holiday Destination
Bali Named World's Happiest Holiday Destination in 2022 

Bali has been named the World’s Happiest Holiday Destination in 2022, according to a survey from the French travel and tourism operator, Club Med.

As reported on its website, Bali is the most popular destination for people who want to enjoy a happy and stress-free vacation. The island destination received a score of 73.7 out of 100.

Bali is at the top of the list thanks to its great spas and wellness centres and great outdoor activities – perfect for anyone looking for relaxation and adventure during their vacation,” reads a statement from the website.

Responding to the ranking, the Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjok Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati or Cok Ace, expressed his gratitude. He noted that a number of things that supported the selection of Bali in the survey and other awards are the people, nature, and culture.

“We absorb this award because to achieve this award is not easy. This is what we must maintain and we hope that the people in Bali, whether involved in tourism or not, let us work together for Bali,” he said, quoted from Antara on Friday 19th August 2022.

The methodology of the survey was based on various sources, after collecting data on the 50 most visited tourist destinations globally. The data collected refers to several metrics, including the crime index, safety index, pollution index, number of outdoor activities, and number of spas and fitness centres. 

Below is a complete list of the 10 happiest vacation destinations in the world in 2022:

  1. Bali, Indonesia
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  4. Barcelona, ​​Spain
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  6. Budapest, Hungary
  7. Vancouver, Canada
  8. San Francisco, California, USA
  9. Dubai, United Arab Emirate
  10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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