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Karimunjawa National Park Reopens

Karimunjawa National Park

The idyllic island of Kariumjawa, off the north coast of Java, is set to reopen for tourism from 16th October.

The island and the national park surrounding have been closed for the last seven months in an attempt to prevent COVID-19 spreading through the community.

In order to be able to visit the national park, people arriving must follow strict protocols under the new normal. This includes booking arrivals online ahead of time for both entrances to the national park and for accommodation.

The rules state that:

  • Visitors must present a negative rapid test or a PCR swab test
  • Everyone entering the park must follow protocols of wearing a mask, regular hand washing, and maintaining social distancing
  • Online booking for accommodation must be provided to officers at the park entrance

Further, those considered to be at high risk of infection – children, elderly people, and pregnant women – aren’t currently allowed to travel to the island.

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All visitor information such as a passport or ID scans as well as negative test results need to be uploaded online ahead of time. The reason for visiting, as well as age and residential address, are also requested.

There are only four days a week on which transport is available to the island, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Some days only fast boats depart from Jepara, Central Java, whilst other days only ferries are available. Check schedules ahead of time.

Karimunjawa National Park Reopens


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