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Restaurant Owners Arrested for Allegedly Selling Pork Satay to Muslim Customers

The owners of a satay restaurant in Padang, West Sumatra, are now under investigation following reports that they have been secretly serving Muslim customers pork satay.

Padang Trade Agency officials have conducted an inspection and confirmed that the satay restaurant had been using pork without notifying their customers. They have also confiscated hundreds of pieces of satay and 2 kilograms of frozen pork from the sellers as evidence.

“We arrested the sellers for allegedly selling satay made from pork,” agency head Endrizal said on Tuesday as quoted by

The sellers, identified as Devi and Bustami, claimed they did not know they were selling pork, saying they had obtained what they thought was beef from Kusti Gani.

She had purchased 10 kilograms of pork from Kusti at Rp95,000 per kilogram.

“I didn’t know that it was pork. As first, [Kusti] offered the meat to me and was willing to directly deliver it to me. I thought that made things easier so I accepted,” she claimed.

The agency said the three would be taken to the police to face prosecution.

Muslims are prohibited from consuming pork, which is considered haram. Non-Muslims, however, can easily find pork in the country despite the large Muslim population.

Source: Jakarta Post

Photo: J. Kenji López-Alt

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