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Police Officer Foils Mugging Attempt Aboard Angkot Mini Bus

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Foreigner Caught Trafficking Indonesian Citizens

A police officer foiled an attempt to mug a passenger aboard a bus in East Jakarta, while she was traveling from her parents home with her young son.

The police officer, Sunaryo, who like many Indonesians uses only one name, allegedly shot the suspect in the arm as he held a knife to the victim, according to Detik.

The Traffic Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya commended the police officer for taking action, yesterday.

“This officer deserves appreciation for his heroism. He deserves an award,” said Indra Jafar, deputy traffic director at Polda Metro Jaya, the report said.

According to the report, police identified the suspect as 28-year-old Hermawan. The attack occurred aboard one of the light blue or red minivans, known as Angkot (a transport lifeline for the city’s working class getting to and from the city). Hermawan allegedly held Risma Oktaviani hostage while she and her son, no more than toddler, were travelling home from her parents’ house in Bintara, in Bekasi.

According to witnesses, when Hermawan entered the car, he immediately drew a knife threatening fellow passengers. One fled and screamed for help, only after the suspect allegedly took her mobile phone. That left Risma alone in the car with her son, who, amazingly, slept through much of the ordeal.

As passers-by gathered around the vehicle, Hermawan allegedly took Oktaviani hostage. One of the gathering crowd was Sunaryo, who stopped to check the commotion on his way to work and quickly took charge. But as the negotiations with the suspect dragged on and fears for the safety of the victims mounted, Sunaryo shot the suspect while he was distracted. Hermawan was then brought to a nearby police station for questioning.

Jafar explained that, while the public only see police managing traffic, that is not the extent of their duties. When crimes occur, they need to take quick action. Jafar said Sunaryo is well regarded by his colleagues for his dedication and willingness to take assignments.

The incident is a reminder to remain vigilant while travelling on any form of public transport, Jafar said. According to Detik there were 42,129 reported crimes in Jakarta last year.

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Image credits: Infonawacita

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