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Third Whale Beached In Bali This Week, Autopsy to Take Weeks

Whale Bali

A male sperm whale, measuring 17 metres in length, was found stranded on Yeh Leh beach in Bali’s Jembrana district, on Saturday afternoon. 

This is the third whale to have beached itself on Bali’s coast in just over a week. According to local marine and fisheries official Permana Yudiarso, the carcass will be pulled to shore to facilitate an autopsy, following which it will be buried. 

Yudiarso suspects that the whale died of illness, as it appeared emaciated and unwell. The autopsy will take around three weeks to complete. 

Forensic experts have already discovered that the whale’s lungs had been bleeding and its colon was filled with fluid.

Police have secured the location to prevent theft of the animal’s meat or body parts. 

Indonesia is the second-largest contributor to marine debris after China, and this recent incident highlights the Southeast Asian archipelago’s significant marine rubbish problem.

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