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Visiting Las Vegas for the First Time? Here’s what to Do

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most attractive cities in the US. Visiting this city is a must if you want to explore American culture and understand how locals live.

There’s no denying that LA is an expensive city. However, you don’t need to be crazy rich to have fun in Las Vegas. Here are five ways you can enjoy your trip to LA without spending it all – keep reading!

1.      Avoid Taking Taxis

Las Vegas is a BIG city that packs a lot to offer for tourists. If you are visiting LA for the first time, you might consider exploring the city by taxi. But taking a cab and looking at the city through the windows of a car is not the best option.

You should get prepared to walk a lot if you want to see the true colours of LA. On average, it can take you more than 30,000 steps to see what LA is all about. Keep your comfort shoes handy and avoid eating a lot so you can explore the city on foot.

In case you cannot walk for some reason, you should consider taking public transport to understand how locals live.

2.      Explore Gambling Carefully

Casinos in LA attract tons of people every year. However, the thought of entering any random casino and gambling can be a bit overwhelming.

But you can try gambling experience in LA without risking a lot of your money. It’s better to read guides about casinos so you can adopt basic safety practices and stay safe from scammers. Avoid hitting a casino alone, and make sure you keep calm to avoid fist fights.

You don’t have to be a gambling expert to have fun in LA casinos. Instead of playing cards, you should consider playing table games like Blackjack to increase your chances of having fun.

3.      Spend Time in Spas

Walking on foot and spending a lot of time exploring tourist attractions can make you feel tired. Instead of getting back to your hotel at the end of a tiring day, you should consider hitting a spa to feel relaxed.

There is no shortage of fun spas in LA. To ensure that you only visit the best ones, you should check the list of best spas to check out in Vegas to get the best value for the money you spend.

4.      Enjoy Local Foods

LA has so many yummy food delicacies to offer. To ensure that you get a punch of energy and boost your taste buds, you should consider exploring small food joints in LA.

Avoid going to big names and food chains, as they won’t have anything breathtaking to offer. It’s better to spend your time in local restaurants as they know the taste of locals and can pack more taste than any famous restaurant.

Going to legal restaurants is a great way of spending time with the locals. Some of the foods you can try in local restaurants in LA are:

  • I. Tacos
  • II. Salad.
  • III. Sandwiches
  • IV. Cheeseburgers
  • V. Cheese Hot Dogs

5.      Compare Hotel Rents

As mentioned above, you don’t need to book a room in a 5-star hotel to explore LA the right way. It’s always a better option to find affordable accommodation that meets your basic needs and doesn’t bust your budget.

You don’t need to check every hotel in person to find which one is the most affordable. Try comparing the charges of hotels online to choose the one which suits you most. Other than that, you should also explore reviews left by other travellers to find a classy, affordable restaurant.

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