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Three Foreigners Swim Across Karimunjawa-Jepara?

Jepara Java Sea Swim
Three Foreigners Swim Across Karimunjawa-Jepara?source @jeparaswimclub

Three foreigners swam across from Karimunjawa island to Jepara, which is about 80 kilometres away, taking an estimated 50 hours.

The activity was part of an environmental hygiene campaign, with a particular highlight on preserving the marine environment.

Event coordinator Farah Elfirajun explained that the three swimmers started their journey on Friday 6th May 2022 at 2pm local time/WIB. It is estimated that they arrived at the beach in Tegalsambi Village, Tahunan District, Jepara on Sunday 8th May at 10am. 

The trio of swimmers are a pair of Swedes, Gentiel Gielen and Lorenz Gielen, and a Danish citizen called Jan Khaled – who completed the huge effort in relay formation.  Each swam for 5km in turn.  

“There was no competition, this is special for us because we are lovers of a clean environment.  We are holding this event to educate the people of Jepara and also increase tourism in Central Java and in Jepara,” said Elfirajun when contacted by on Saturday.

According to Elfirajun, the activity had been in preparations for months. They chose this weekend for the event based on several factors, such as the weather forecast and the wind direction. 

 “The wind is in the same direction, it’s a bit faster,” she explained.

As a safety measure, there was an escort ship that accompanies the swimmers for the duration of the event. In organising the campaign activities, her party has also coordinated with the local government and a number of agencies.  A number of officials at the Environment Ministry planned to welcome the swimmers arriving at the finish line.

Separately, the Head of Public Relations of the Jepara Police, Ipda Badar Amri Yahya, confirmed the activities of three swimmers crossing the Jepara sea.  According to him, this event was organised by a hotel in Jepara.

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