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Miss Estonia Disqualified From Miss Global 2022 Competition

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Miss Estonia Disqualified From Miss Global 2022 Competition. photo Instagram lerusi_k

Miss Estonia Valerie Vasilieva has been disqualified from the Miss Global 2022 competition following her insult towards the police in Bali recently. 

The National Director of Mahakarya Duta Pesona Indonesia, Kishanty Hardaningtyas, said that as the organiser of Miss Global 2022, she did not tolerate any acts of humiliation, including those by Vasilieva.

We took the steps which we deem appropriate, and have agreed to disqualify Miss Valerie Vasilieva from representing Estonia in the Miss Global 2022 competition for violating the rules,” she said in an official statement on Wednesday 25th May 2022.

In the viral video that was uploaded on TikTok, Vasilieva called the Bali police corrupt because they always ask tourists for money. She added that the police would always ask for money anywhere.

Although one of the participants had caused a problem, Kishanty Hardaningtyas said the Miss Global 2022 competition would still take place as scheduled.

Miss Global 2022 will continue as planned, on 11th June 2022 in Bali, Indonesia,” she concluded.

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