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‘Tapera’ Applied to Foreigners Jeopardises Indonesia’s Image, Says Expert

'Tapera' Applied to Foreigners Jeopardises Indonesia's Image, Says Expert
'Tapera' Applied to Foreigners Jeopardises Indonesia's Image, Says Expert. Image Source:

Public policy expert and observer, Trubus Rahardiansyah, commented that the new Public Housing Savings (Tapera) policy that also applies to foreigners in Indonesia will worsen the country’s image in the eyes of foreign investors.

Speaking to the press on Sunday, 2nd of June, Rahardiansyah further argued that this new policy is best not applied mandatorily to foreigners, especially considering many of whom are not typically permanently employed in Indonesia.

“This means that this policy is not appropriate for foreigners. This will worsen Indonesia’s image in the eyes of investors. This could lead to investors being reluctant to invest in Indonesia, and their workers wouldn’t want to come here either,” said Rahardiansyah.

In addition, Rahardiansyah noted that the purpose of this policy remains unclear.

It must be made clear that the management of the Tapera funds is transparent and accountable. As I see it, this is the state collecting money from public funds, but it remains unclear where this money will go; if it were to purchase a house, where would the house be? When exactly would the house be available for purchase? These must be made clear,” continued Rahardiansyah.

Government Regulation (Peraturan Pemerintah or PP) Number 21 of 2024 concerning amendments to PP Number 25 of 2020 concerning the Implementation of People’s Savings Housing has stated that the obliged participants of Tapera are every Indonesian citizen and foreigner who holds a visa intending to work in Indonesian territory for at least six months.

Specifically for foreigners, the collected Tapera funds will be converted into savings that can be withdrawn after their contract of employment in Indonesia is over and they wish to return to their respective home countries. This is due to foreigners in Indonesia, according to PP Number 21 of 2024, being ineligible to own a flat or public housing for low-income citizens.

“Since the foreigners are working here in Indonesia and receiving income for it, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise,” said the Commissioner of BP Tapera, Heru Pudyo Nugroho, on a separate occasion on Friday, 31st May.

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