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STRP Not Required for Intercity Travel


During the extension to PPKM levels 3 and 4 in Java and Bali, in place until 2nd August, residents who take inter-city transportation will no longer need a STRP or Worker Registration Certificate, according to the spokesperson for the Transportation Ministry, Adita Irawati.

“For inter-city or long-distance transportation, there is no need to present a STRP. But it is mandatory for agglomeration areas,” said Adita. “The STRP at that time was set in the task force circular letter number 15 to limit activities over the Eid al-Adha holiday. After that, we return to circular letter 14 until there are new provisions.”

The task force circular letter Force No. 15/2021, was the mechanism used by the Transportation Ministry to tighten the requirements for long-distance travel to and from the islands of Java and Bali during the Eid al-Adha holidays.

However, this regulation is no longer valid, so now the region is operating under task force circular letter No. 14/2021, which states that:

  1. For long-distance trips and trips from or to Java and Bali, travellers must show a vaccination card for at least the first dose, plus a 48-hour PCR result or a 24-hour antigen result.
  2. Tightening of mobility in Java and Bali is carried out by requiring travellers to have a vaccine certificate plus a 48-hour PCR result for flights and a 24-hour antigen result for sea and land transportation and long-distance trains.

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