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STRP Required for Travelling Around, In and Out of Jakarta

STRP Required for Travelling Around, In and Out of Jakarta

Starting today until 20th July, trips using KRL, TransJakarta, MRT, online motorcycles taxis, and online taxis must show a STRP, also known as a Worker Registration Certificate.

“Everyone using different modes of transportation must comply with the provisions. This includes those who work in and out of Jakarta. Everyone must comply with PPKM provisions and other derivative rules, including the STRP,” said DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria Riza.

For instance, drivers of online taxis and online motorcycle taxis will be asked to show STRP and a vaccine card when crossing Emergency PPKM checkpoints. Along with the driver, the passenger must also show the same letter and vaccine card.

This is in accordance with the new rules of the circular letter of the Transportation Minister Number 49 of 2021 concerning amendments to number 43 of 2021 concerning instructions for carrying out domestic travel by land transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The regulation states that routine trips by land transportation modes as well as rivers, lakes, and crossings within an urban agglomeration area must be accompanied by the following document requirements:

  1. a) Worker Registration Certificate (STRP) or other certificates issued by the local government; and/or
  2. b) a letter of assignment signed by a company leader or an official at least level two for a government official, including a stamp or electronic signature.
What is STRP?

STRP stands for surat tanda registrasi pekerja in Indonesian. Known as the Worker Registration Certificate, this letter shows the status of a traveller and whether the cardholder has the right to travel during the current Emergency PPKM period. It is used to control population mobility to enter and/or leave the Jakarta area.

There are two types of STRP that can be applied for before travelling in and out of the capital.

  1. Individuals with urgent needs, including:
  • Visiting sick family
  • Dealing with deceased family members and paying respects
  • Being pregnant
  • Assisting a person with a pregnancy
  1. Companies and essential sector workers

For this category, the letter is issued by the person in charge of the company and is accompanied by an attachment to the list of workers.

Included in the essential sector workers category are:

  • Communication and IT
  • Finance and banking
  • Capital market
  • Payment systems
  • Hospitality that are not handling COVID-19 quarantine
  • Export orientation industries

Meanwhile, critical sector workers are as follows:

  • Energy
  • Health
  • Security
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Food, beverage, and supporting industries
  • Petrochemical
  • Cement
  • National vital projects
  • Disaster management
  • National strategic project
  • Construction
  • Basic utilities, e.g. electricity and water
  • Industry and meeting the basic needs of the community

However, STRP is not mandatory for some groups, such as:

  • Ministries, institutions, or government agencies, either central or regional
  • Urgent affairs for handling the pandemic, i.e. health workers, distribution of oxygen gas, delivery of coffins, etc.
STRP Requirements

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has said that issuing an STRP takes five hours after filling out the online application form. Later, when travelling, the applicant only needs to show the STRP to the officer and the officer will authenticate the STRP by scanning the QR code.

The requirements for the documents that must be prepared to make the STRP are as follows:

  1. Individual
  • Applicant’s ID card
  • Vaccine certificate – with a one-week transition period following the announcement – or statement confirming willingness to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination program in the near future
  • A colour photo, size 4 x 6
  • A cover letter from the RT/RW cover letter for individual applicants with urgent needs
  1. Company
  • ID card of the applicant or person in charge
  • Assignment letter from the company. If making a collective application, attach the names, ID numbers (NIK), ID cards, photos, residential addresses, and destination addresses for each
  • Vaccine certificates – with a one-week transition period from the announcement – or a statement confirming willingness to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination program in the near future
  • A colour photo, size 4×6. If making a collective application, the photos must be an attachment to the assignment letter
  • Company’s number for a private company
STRP Application Process
  1. Applicants can access JakEVO through the website Either register an account or login if you’ve already signed up
  2. After successfully logging in, fill in the STRP application form
  3. Upload the required documents according to the type of STRP required
  4. Click the submit button after the process is done
  5. The application is processed by the PMPTSP (Investment and One-Stop Integrated Service) of the sub-district and gets approval from the PMPTSP of the DKI Jakarta Province.
  6. STRP is issued a maximum of five hours after being submitted online

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