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Bali Governor: 16 VoA Countries Proposed, Deportation and Sanction to Violators

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Bali Governor Wayan Koster has proposed an additional 16 countries be allowed entry under Bali’s visa on arrival (VoA) policy.

“I proposed an additional 16 countries, but approximately five or six countries will be agreed,” he said at a press conference on Tuesday 15th March. 

However, the list of countries are yet to be confirmed and officially announced until further notice. 

Regarding the policy of no quarantine and VoA in Bali for foreign tourists, Koster said there have been various positive responses from the public, both in Bali and outside Bali. 

“I received reports that people from abroad conveyed their response that Bali is very fast in responding to policies without quarantine and VoA. They were almost unsure that such a policy would apply after it was confirmed. I got confirmation from Australia, I said this was true. I signed the meeting decision letter,” he explained.

China, for example, has not opened visiting access to Bali because its citizens must undergo a quarantine period for two to three weeks following their return to China. 

Currently, the number of flights to Bali is increasing, as are the numbers of foreigners arriving. Koster noted that these foreign tourists have been very orderly, disciplined,  and are meeting the requirements to visit whilst also adhering to the health protocols upon arrival and while in the Island of the Gods.

“I think this is a moment of economic recovery and tourism for which we are grateful. Thank you to the central government for complying with the proposal of the Bali governor without quarantine and following VoA. Plus PCR and antigen requirements for domestic travellers vaccinated twice are no longer valid. I think domestic tourism will increase too,” he said.

Koster also emphasised that if a foreign national is found violating the health protocols, deportation will be the consequence.

“If they violate it, they are immediately deported,” he said.

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