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Police Urge Motorcyclists not to wear Flip-flops When Driving

Police Urge Motorcyclists not to wear Flip-flops When Driving

Motorbike drivers are being urged not to wear flip-flops when driving by Head of the Police Traffic Corps, Inspector General Firman Santyabudi.

The appeal is intended to minimise the risks that might be experienced by motorcyclists due to reduced foot protection when driving.

“There is no protection if you only wear flip-flops because if you use a motorbike, the skin is in direct contact with the asphalt, there is fire, there is gasoline, also the speed. The faster the speed, the more unprotected we are. That leads to a fatality,” Santyabudi told reporters while reviewing the operation Patuh Jaya 2022, Monday 13th June.

He went on to ask members of the police to be an example for the community. He said he hopes that there are no police who only wear flip-flops when riding motorbikes so that the public can follow suit.

“This is a form of protection for the community that we want to build so that obedience becomes a part no longer because there are officers,” said Santyabudi.

Furthermore, Head of Operations Police Traffic Corps Police Commissioner Eddy Djunaedi said that the ban on the use of flip-flops is only an appeal without any action or law enforcement against motorists who wear flip-flops. This is only highlighted with the aim that people prioritise safety when driving.

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