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Two Foreigners Jump over Prambanan Temple Fence

prambanan temple
Opening Trials for Prambanan Temple and Ratu Boko

Two foreigners were desperate to visit the Prambanan temple and decided to jump the fence according to a video circulating on social media.

The video shows the pair of foreigners daring to jump over the perimeter barrier at the temple complex and has been uploaded on Facebook.

General Manager of PT Taman Wisata Candi (TWC) Prambanan Temple Jamaludin Mawardi confirmed the incident occurred on Sunday 2nd January 2022.

According to Mawardi, they jumped over the south side fence of Prambanan Temple near Jalan Raya Yogyakarta-Solo. Beforehand, the male and female foreigners initially walked across the sidewalk outside the fence.

Our security officer was a bit suspicious, how come there are two foreigners entering on the west side. Then finally, they were approached and questioned but they hadn’t bought tickets yet,” Mawardi explained.

He went on to explain that both of them admitted to entering the Prambanan Temple area by jumping the fence. The officer then directed the two to the counter to buy tickets.

This is the first time an incident like this in the video has occurred at Prambanan Temple. In anticipating similar incidents, Mawardi said he would increase patrols at points rarely traveled by tourists.

Marwadi added that the number of tourist visits to Prambanan Temple has increased, although not significantly.

It also implements strict health protocols, including using the PeduliLindungi app. Not only that but restrictions on the number of visits are also set in accordance with the instructions issued by the Home Affairs Minister.

“If there is an increase, it’s just not very significant. This means that the highest number is still below 10,000 which’s only 8,000. Just when it’s crowded, the daily traffic is at most 4,000-5,000 with the highest being only 8,000 on the 1st January,” he concluded.

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