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Korean Tourist Found Dead Lost in Current

Korean tourist
Korean Tourist Found Dead Lost in Current. Photo: Denpasar Basarnas

A South Korean tourist named K.Y was reported missing while snorkelling in the waters of Nusa Penida, Bali on Tuesday 16th August 2022, and has since been found dead.

The search for K.Y was ongoing for two days until he was eventually found on Wednesday 17th August 2022

Head of the Bali National Search and Rescue Agency, Gede Darmada, said that K.Y’s body was found at around 8:30 am local Bali time, at a location approximately 150 metres north of the location where he had gone missing. 

Y’s body was stranded on a rock and immediately lifted to the Sea and Island boat,” said Darmada, on Wednesday 18th August 2022.

K.Y was found intact with a complete outfit, a white shirt, and black pants.

The SAR team took the victim’s body to Prof Ngoerah Denpasar Hospital according to the family’s request.

His body was then taken to Sanglah via Padangbai Harbour, Klungkung,” he said.

Before being found dead, based on Darmada’s statement, the victim and his friend, J.L, had gone snorkelling in Nusa Penida waters, Klungkung regency, Bali on Tuesday 16th August 2022. This was based on information from the captain of the ship who took them to the snorkelling spot.

“According to a report from the captain of the ship, after dropping them off at the snorkelling site, the two foreigners never came to the surface,” said Darmada.

The captain of the ship who witnessed the incident then reported it to the Bali Search and Rescue Team.

Meanwhile, J.L was found sheltering on the cliffs of Broken Beach at 6 pm local Bali time or WITA. The female tourist was successfully evacuated.

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