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Limited Copies of New Rp75,000 Banknote Now Available

Bank Indonesia (BI) has issued a new Rp75,000 banknote to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia.

The special currency for Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia was ready to order starting from Monday 17th August at 3pm Western Indonesia Time WIB.

According to the official website of Bank Indonesia, the meaning of the Rp75,000 note, issued in 2020, is an expression of gratitude and sharing of happiness to the people. The Rp75,000 note also refers to as the 75th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day.

In addition, the themes presented on the money show gratitude for independence, reinforcing diversity, and welcoming a glorious future. Gratitude for Independence is showcased through a photo of Proclaimer Dr. (H.C.) Ir Soekarno and Dr. (H.C.) Drs. Mohammad Hatta raising the flag of on 17th August 1945.

To celebrate Indonesia’s development, especially in the infrastructure sector, images of the Trans-Java Toll Road, the Youtefa Papua Bridge, and Jakarta’s MRT welcomes the glorious future for Indonesian children as ready to bring Indonesia into the future.

A map of Indonesia in gold symbolises the country’s strategic role in the world. The red and white satellite embodies a communication bridge for the country. Furthermore, children wearing traditional clothes represents the country’s western, central, and eastern regions such as songket from South Sumatra, kawung batik of Java, and Gringsing Bali weaving, which all depict elegance, kindness, and sanctity.

The number “75” is the nominal value of the note and is printed larger than the zeros. Executive Director Head of the Communication Department of Bank Indonesia Onny Widjanarko said that the Rp75,000 bill was not related to redenomination. Redenomination is the simplification of a currency’s value into a smaller one without changing the exchange rate.

In addition, he said that the writing of the number 75 was made larger with the aim of emphasising the 75th Indonesian Independence Day.

For those who want to order the banknote, two waves of orders are available. The first is between 17th  August – 30th September 2020 and the second wave will be held on 1st October 2020 until all have been distributed.

There are strict conditions in place for those wishing to obtain a special note. Indonesian citizens who already have an identity card (KTP) can exchange one and each owner of a KTP can only exchange at Bank Indonesia and 45 other domestic representative offices of Bank Indonesia from 18th August to 30th September 2020.

Furthermore, orders or exchange of Rp75,000 denominations can also be made at commercial banks such as Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, CIMB Niaga, and BCA starting from October 2020. When exchanging, you must arrive at the set time and at the selected location and bring proof of order.

Exchange can be made within one day of ordering, as long as supplies are available bat the selected location. If the conditions are met to place an order, you can follow the mechanism or procedure for placing a money order as follows.

Access the PINTAR page on the Bank Indonesia website via Select the location, date, and time of the UPK RI redemption in the application, then fill in the Order Data including your KTP number, full name, and contact information.

Keep the proof of order in printed or digital form to exchange money directly at the chosen location and date as stated on the proof of order. Make sure to bring you original KTP and proof of order, and prepare cash worth Rp75,000.

Exchange can be completed by another person as long as the hard copy or digital order is on hand. Exchangers must also be equipped with a power of attorney with sufficient duty stamp, the original KTP of the orderer according to the data stated on the proof of order, and the original KTP, driver’s license (SIM), or passport of the representative of the exchange.

Bank Indonesia has circulated a special edition of money commemorating Indonesia’s independence four times. The first special edition money printing was made to commemorate Indonesia’s 25th independence anniversary in 1970, followed by the 45th anniversary in 1990, and the 50th anniversary in 1995.

Source: Kompas

Image: CNN Indonesia

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