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Homosexual Couple and Four Others Caned in Aceh

Homosexual Couple and Four Others Caned in Aceh

A homosexual couple has been sentenced to public flogging in Banda Aceh, Aceh Province.

During the lashing process, the two men were seen enduring the pain of the executioner’s whip.

The homosexual couple had previously been arrested by residents in Banda Aceh last November as residents were suspicious of the couple’s behaviour. Residents finally raided the couple after suspecting them of having a same-sex relationship.

Following an investigation by the Civil Service Police Unit and Wilayatul Hisbah Banda Aceh, both were proven to have had same-sex relations which violated the Islamic Sharia Qanun in force in Aceh.

“Until now, we suspect several sites of homosexual activity in Banda Aceh, but it is still difficult to reveal,”

said Head of the Banda Aceh Civil Service Police Unit Heru Triwijanarko.

Four other violators of Islamic law in Banda Aceh were also punished with caning by Wilayatul Hisbah, Banda Aceh City. Each convict received a different caning sentence. The homosexual couple got 77 lashes, lesser than their original sentence as they had already served three months in prison.

Three other men were lashed between 17 to 40 times due to drinking alcohol or meeting members of the opposite sex. Meanwhile, one woman received 17 lashes because she was found with her boyfriend.

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When the sentence was carried, the rattan broke so that the executioner had to immediately replace it to continue the whipping. After undergoing the process of uqubat caning, the convicts were immediately freed and can return to their community.

Aceh is the only region in Indonesia that imposes Sharia law. Public flogging is a common punishment for gambling, alcohol consumption, and adultery of any kind.

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