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Emergency PPKM: Bali Checkpoints

Bali check points

Up to 39 junctions in Bali will have checkpoints set up starting Thursday 8th July to aid with enforcement during Emergency PPKM.

Head of Public Relations of the Denpasar Police Iptu Ketut Sukadi elaborated that all travellers passing through are required to show vehicle documents, ID cards, and vaccine cards. If these are not available, travellers will be asked to turn back.

Moreover, it was also proposed in the coordination meeting that those working in the essential and critical sectors should be given a work certificate and a job description card arranged by the regional government.

“Businesses that close at 8pm WITA are asked to turn off the lights. Also, WiFi devices in public facilities must be turned off at 8pm WITA,” added Sukadi.

The following are the 39 checkpoints in Bali:

  1. Denpasar
  • Gunung Sanghyang
  • Sekat Umanyar Post
  • Sekat Biaung Post
  • Gatsu Barat – Kebo Iwa
  • Teuku Umar Barat – Gunung Salak
  • Sunset Road Barat – Dewi Kunti
  • Tohpati
  1. Badung
  • Mengwi Terminal Entrance
  • Simpang Wiros
  1. Gianyar
  • Masceti Post
  • Batubulan Post
  • Payangan Post
  • Tampak Siring Post
  • Tegalalang Post
  • Ubud Post
  1. Buleleng
  • Labuan Lalang Post
  • Pancasari Post
  • Tajun Kubu Tambahan Post
  • Tejakula Post
  • Celukan Bawang Post
  • Sangsit Post
  1. Jembrana
  • Gilimanuk Entrance Post
  • Gilimanuk Exit Post
  • Jembrana Terminal Post
  • Gajah Mada Post
  • Hasanuddin Post
  1. Tabanan
  • Adipura Post
  • Pahlawan Post
  1. Bangli
  • Catur Kintamani Post
  • Bunutin Post
  • Taman Post
  • Bangbang Post
  1. Klungkung
  • Gua Lawah Post
  • Lepang Post
  • Dermaga Kusamba Post
  • Toya Pakeh Post
  1. Karangasem
  • Pelabuhan Padangbai Post
  • Polsek Padangbai Post
  • Yeh Malet Post

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