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Big Waves Swept Away Seven Foreigners, One Dead

tourists swept away by wave
Big Waves Swept Away Seven Foreigners, One Dead. Image Source: Twitter @PolsekMengwi57

Seven foreigners were reported to have been swept away by waves at a beach in Bali.

Six people were saved and were in critical condition and one man died.

This unfortunate incident took place at Pererenan beach, Mengwi, Badung, on Wednesday 8th March 2023 at around 4 pm.

Based on information compiled by Jawa Pos Radar Bali, there were many tourists at Pererenan Beach, both domestic and international, including these seven tourists. Some of the victims were surfing and others were swimming.

Those who were victims were surfing until finally it was reported that they had disappeared under the waves,said the Mengwi Police officer.

It is said that the tourists on the coast panicked because someone shouted that there were a number of surfers being swept away by the waves. The seven tourists were BM (24), GA (25), and MN (23) from Australia, MS (24) and JF (30) from Germany, D (48) from Russia, and AL (83) from England who died during the incident.

The Head of the Public Relations Section of the Badung Police, Iptu I Ketut Sudana, confirmed the incident. It is said that the seven foreigners were swept away by the waves on Pererenan beach.

All foreigners were in the water. The Pererenan lifeguard officer rescued the seven foreigners,” explained Sudana.

“After being found, they were brought to the shore in critical condition. Then they contacted KBS (One-Stop Joint Institution) Pererenan to be taken to the Mengwi II Health Center in Tumbak Bayuh. There, they were referred to the Regional Public Hospital Kapal. One of them was declared dead by the medical staff at the hospital and currently, the other victims are still hospitalised. They are gradually getting better,” he concluded.

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