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Police: Exercising Outdoors Not Prohibited

exercise outdoors
Police: Exercising Outdoors Not Prohibited

Exercising Outdoors Not Prohibited

Reports that the greater metropolitan regional police had issued a ban on Jakarta residents exercising outdoors circulated on Monday 21st June.

The police later changed their position and clarified their guidance.

The ban on exercising outside the house was reported on Monday as part of the tighter restrictions included in the governor regulation number 79 concerning the implementation of community activity restrictions or PPKM.

More controls have been introduced because the numbers of COVID-19 have increased in the capital. On Monday, 5,014 additional cases were reported in Jakarta alone.

Following the initial ban on outdoor exercise, the head of public relations of the greater metropolitan regional police commissioner Yusri Yunus clarified that his party did not forbid people from exercising outdoors.

“Sports or exercising are not prohibited. The police did not forbid that. What’s prohibited is the post-sports crowd or hanging out sessions,” he explained, clearing up the earlier confusion.

Jakarta residents are still requested to exercise at home where possible. However, those who choose to exercise outdoors should avoid crowds, wear a mask, and go straight home.

“It’s important to create awareness for the public that we all need to obey the health protocols, and realise that Jakarta’s curve has been going up for the past five days,” he concluded.

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