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Yoga Instructors to Be Deported from Bali

Yoga Instructors to Be Deported from Bali

Bali Immigration Officers have arrested two foreigners who were illegally working to earn an income in Ubud.

Rodion Antonkin, 40, and Albana Mukhamadulina, 31, are faced with deportation for holding yoga classes and earning income illegally in Bali. They are currently being held at the Denpasar Immigration Detention Centre before being returned to Russia.

I Putu Surya Dharma, the Head of the Public Relations Division of Bureaucracy Reform, confirmed that the two foreigners had arrived in Indonesia with a visa on arrival on 14th March.

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On 25th July, Surya Dharma stated that the two had been teaching yoga classes at the Art Villa in Ubud, Gianyar throughout their stay. The pair had been collecting customer fees for personal gain since 14th July.

Since there is a lack of evidence, neither will face criminal charges. However, they are being held under the Immigration Act and will be deported from Indonesia when a flight is available.

“The two are being held in detention as they do not have the finances to return to Russia,” explained Dharma. Following their removal from Indonesia, the foreigners will be banned from returning to Bali for an extended period.

Source: The Bali Sun

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