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Australian Man Found Dead in Bali

Australian dead
Australian Man Found Dead in Bali

An Australian citizen named Dubber Sean Johnaton was found dead after falling from the fourth floor at a hotel in Seminyak, Bali on Wednesday 20th July 2022 at around 8 pm local Bali time.

Based on closed-circuit television (CCTV) recordings, the foreigner entered the hotel room, staggered and fell.

After an examination of the CCTV, the victim turned out to be staggering and entered room 403 alone, there was no one else,” said Head of the Public Relations Section of Denpasar Police First Police Inspector I Ketut Sukadi, as reported by detikBali, Thursday 21st July 2022.

A witness named Sara Winata recounted that at around 7:45 pm local Bali time, while on the pool deck, she heard people screaming and banging on the glass windows from the fourth floor. The witness ran to the security post. 

Security guard Ahmad Sopy was then informed of the incident. The two witnesses ran upstairs to the fourth floor where guests were shouting into room 403.

Then, the security banged on the door of the room several times but there was no answer. A few seconds later, the witness heard the sound of people falling on the wooden pool deck.

Johnaton is known to have checked in on 20th July and planned to checkout on 25th July 2022 at the hotel which isn’t being publicly named. 

He was found in a prone position, left hand beside the body, right arm bent at the side of the head, not wearing a shirt, and only wearing black shorts with army motifs. The right hand was broken at the wrist and the left hand has a scratch wound allegedly due to hitting the wooden fence on the balcony. 

The back of the victim’s head was bleeding and the back of his skull was broken due to hitting the wooden floor of the pool deck, causing bleeding from the ears. 

Furthermore, at around 8:10 pm local Bali time, after an external examination by a nurse from the Kuta II Health Centre, by checking his pulse, Johnaton was later declared dead.

It is not yet known what caused Johnaton to fall and die. The Kuta sector police are still conducting further investigations.

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