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Indonesian Airlines Listed on the World’s 10 Worst Airlines

Indonesian Airlines as the World's Worst Airlines
Indonesian Airlines Listed in the World’s 10 Worst Airlines

Airlines have a role in providing comfort to passengers during flights. However, not all airlines can provide the best service.

Bounce, a travel service platform, has issued a report titled The 2022 Airline Index that gives the ranking of airlines with the best and worst service across the globe. The survey of airline services in the world found that the worst international airline came from Indonesia. Based on Bounce’s official website, the airline with the worst service on this list is Indonesia-based Lion Air, ranking as the worst international airline with a score of 0.72.

Lion Air has a recorded arrival rate of 42.27 percent, which means that the airline is more often late than on time. In addition, the airline has a cancellation rate of 34.43 percent, meaning more than a third of Lion Air’s flights have been cancelled over the past year. It doesn’t stop there; Lion Air only scores 1/5 for food and inflight entertainment and 2/5 for seat comfort and staff service.

Another airline based in Indonesia which unfortunately ranks as the second-worst international airline on the list is Wings Air. This airline has a poor on-time arrival and cancellation rate of 49.78 percent and 20.63 percent, respectively, as well as the same scoring for food, entertainment, seat comfort, and staff service.

Below is the list of the ten worst airlines in the world, according to Bounce:

  1. Lion Air (0.72)
  2. Wings Air (1.11)
  3. Flydubai (1,18)
  4. AirAsia India (1.34)
  5. Shenxhen Airlines (1.54)
  6. VivaAerobus (1.56)
  7. Wizz Air (1.79)
  8. Ryanair (2.06)
  9. AirAsia (2.06)
  10. Volaris (2.15)

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