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Decathlon Opens its First Store in Indonesia

Decathlon Indonesia
Decathlon Indonesia

By opening its first store in Indonesia, Decathlon will put into practice by means its motto “to make sports accessible to many”.

The French company, founded in 1976, is one of the world’s leading sports equipment retail giants with more than 1,200 stores operating in more than 35 countries.

The opening of the ‘s first store in Alam Sutera will fulfil the need of quality sports products at affordable prices for the public. Devoting a surface area of over 2,000 m2 on Alam Sutera Boulevard, Tangerang City, Decathlon will be the largest sports store in the country. Furthermore, it will provide a land area of 500 m2 specially dedicated to a Playground, which can be freely used by the community.

“Around the globe, including in Indonesia, Decathlon comes with the goal of making sports more accessible to people. Wherever we are, we always encourage the growth of sport’s passion and practice [by] innovating quality products, [yet] affordable”, said Jeremie Ruppert, the CEO of Decathlon Indonesia.

According to Jeremie, Indonesia is a great country with stunning natural landscapes, filled with mountains and beautiful ocean spots that enable sports activities, such as; hiking, cycling, running and a variety of water sports. Moreover, since the country has held various international-level sports events, especially the upcoming 2018 Asian Games, opening outlets in Indonesia has been a long-standing concern for Decathlon, in regards to its great potential market.

“We want Decathlon to be a beloved brand, close to the Indonesian people,” added Jeremie.

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