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Ministry of Transportation: Rapid Tests No Longer Required for Travel

Ministry of Transportation: Rapid Tests No Longer Required for Travel

The Ministry of Transportation has stated that it is no longer required for passengers to take rapid tests for cross-regional road trips, except for Bali.

The exception was made as a result of the increase in COVID-19 cases in Bali from tourism traffic.

Budi Setiyadi, the Director-General of Land Transportation said that although his department does not require a rapid test, the Bali regional government is demanding it to enter Bali under any circumstances.

The current average number of COVID-19 cases in Bali each day is around 70.

Even though the ministry no longer requires rapid tests, Budi has ensured that health protocols are still being implemented. He said that the 3M protocol of wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands are still to be applied.

“If you use land transportation, we will not implement rapid tests, but that does not mean we are ignoring all health protocols,” he explained. He further noted that during the public holiday, travelling is still warranted.

“The government doesn’t prohibit people from travelling, but with a note that health protocols must be strict. There will be several public compliance checks along any cross-regional routes,” he concluded.t

Source: CNN Indonesia

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