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Explore Nagekeo, East Nusa Tenggara’s Residents’ Spice Gardens

Nagekeo Regency
Explore Nagekeo, East Nusa Tenggara’s Residents' Spice Gardens

Pajoreja Village in Ululoga Village, Mauponggo District, is known as a spice centre in the southern part of Nagekeo Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, which attracts many foreign tourists from France. 

The land is fertile because Mauponggo District is at the foot of Mount Ebulobo, adding to the spice garden’s charm.

The tourists are guests from a French travel agent, Azimuth, who visited the island of Flores,” said tour guide Jhon Nekuaja to on Thursday 22nd September 2022. 

He explained that the foreign tourists’ itinerary started at Moni and ended in Labuan Bajo, with the details as Moni-Kelimutu-Bajawa-Ruteng-Labuan Bajo.

“Before going to Bajawa, the capital of Ngada Regency, I offered the guests a spice tour in Mauponggo District, Nagekeo Regency, and the tourists agreed,” explained the chairman of the Nagekeo branch of the Indonesian Guides Association. 

Mauponggo District is at the foot of Mount Ebulobo
Mauponggo District is at the foot of Mount Ebulobo

During a tour of the spice garden, the tourists explored pepper and nutmeg plants in a garden owned by a local resident named Niko.

Nekuaja explained that tourist attractions in Nagekeo Regency are not yet well-known on the world travel map. Therefore, he promoted Nagekeo tourism through a spice tour, because a few months ago, there were also foreign tourists from France who explored the pepper and nutmeg spice gardens in the north. 

“I, as a tour guide and chairman of the Nagekeo branch of the Indonesian Guides Association, introduce the uniqueness of tourist destinations, and promote natural beauty and spices so that international travel agents can include them on the world travel map,” he explained.

Besides Pajorejoa Village, Nagekeo Regency is also home to Kawa Village, which is visited by both foreign and domestic tourists.

“Currently, several traditional villages in Nagekeo Regency with their respective histories are introduced and promoted to foreign tourists. In fact, there is a Mount Ebulobo climbing tour through its entrance from Mauponggo District,” he added.

Nagekeo Regency has other unique natural attractions as well, including Tonggo Beach, Enagera Beach, Kinde Island, Kotajogho Beach, Sawah Garam Beach, and Rii Ta Island. Cultural attractions that are not to be missed in this area are ghan uwi, nyiru, and periuk tanah (earthenware pots).

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