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Christmas Dinner

If you’re yearning for a festive feast with all the trimmings but you lack the inclination to cook at home, then simply head to one of Jakarta’s big hotels offering Christmas Eve dinners and Christmas Day brunches.

Prices range from Rp.175,000 to Rp.988,000 per person, usually not including the “plus-plus”, which is generally 21% and mentioned only in small print on the promotional material. I’ll rephrase that: real prices range from Rp.211,750 to Rp.1,195,480 (about $22 to $125). The cost of hotel dining increases a few days later for New Year’s Eve dinner bashes.

Several of the Christmas brunches include a free flow of alcoholic drinks, usually beer, sparkling wine and house wine. Some of the restaurants are halal, offering beef in place of ham, although there are still plenty serving pork.

These sumptuous buffets are a great opportunity to engage in gluttony. The food often outshines the atmosphere, which tends to be somewhat artificial and formal, no matter how drunk one gets. An army of attentive waiters in Santa hats, a choir singing carols and a display of glitzy decorations all seem a bit unreal to me.

People seeking something more convivial, albeit with less choice on the menu, can instead go to one of the pubs and bars doing festive promotions, which are generally cheaper than the hotels. Some establishments offer home delivery of roasted turkeys.

Following is a list of what some of the major hotels and a few bars are offering. The prices are per adult, except where stated for children. If you want to dine at any of these places, then call first to make a reservation and see what’s on offer. Also listed are a few of the bars and restaurants that responded to requests for information regarding Christmas promotions. Offers are correct at time of going to print but may be subject to change.

Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta
Shima (Japanese): Dec. 22-25: Christmas Shabu-Shabu Rp.900,000++, Seasonal Sukiyaki Rp.900,000 ++, Wahyu Teppanyaki Rp.900,000 ++, Seafood Teppanyaki Rp.900,000 ++
JP Bistro: Christmas Eve buffet dinner. Rp.240,000 ++ per adult, Rp.130,000 ++ per child. 6pm – 10pm.
Christmas Day buffet lunch. Rp.200,000 ++ per adult. Rp.110,000 ++ per child. 12pm – 3pm.
Ambiente (Italian): Christmas Eve dinner, 4-course set menu. Rp.550,000 ++. 6pm – 10pm.
Phone: (021) 23521234

Hotel Borobudur
Bogor Cafe: Christmas Eve dinner. Rp.408,000 ++ per adult (inc. free flow gluhwein). Rp.208,000 ++ per child.
Christmas Day buffet lunch. Rp.342,000 ++ (inc. free flow gluhwein). Rp.208,000 ++  per child.
Miyama Japanese: Teppanyaki on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Starts from Rp.368,000 ++.
Phone:  (021) 380 4444, 383 5000 ext. 73400 or ext. 73100.

Dharmawangsa Hotel
Christmas Eve buffet dinner: Rp.495,000 ++ per adult. Rp375,000 ++ per child.
Christmas Day brunch: Rp.888,000 ++ (inc. free flow Laurent Perrier Champagne, wine, sangria and non-alcohol drinks). 11.30am to 3pm.
Phone: (021) 725 8181 ext. 6237.

Four Seasons Hotel
Seasons Café: Christmas Eve buffet. Rp.448,000 ++ per adult (inc. free flow juices and wine). Rp.348,000 ++ (inc. non-alcohol drinks) and Rp.205,000 ++ per child.
Christmas Day brunch. Rp.448,000 ++ (inc. free flow fresh juices and wine). Rp.348,000 ++ (inc. non alcoholic drinks) and Rp.205,000 ++ per child.
Christmas Day dinner buffet. Rp.238,000 ++ (inc. free flow fresh juices and ice tea).
Phone: (021) 2523456.

Gran Melia Hotel
Christmas dinner buffet. Rp.398,000 ++ (inc non-alcohol drinks), Rp.498,000 ++ (inc. free flow wine, sparkling wine and beer). 6pm – 10.30pm.
Christmas Day brunch buffet. Rp.398,000 ++ (inc non-alcohol drinks), Rp.498,000 ++ (inc. free flow wine, sparkling wine and beer). 11.30am – 3pm.
Phone: (021) 5268080.

Grand Hyatt
Grand Cafe: Christmas Eve dinner buffet. Rp.438,000 ++ per adult, Rp.219,000++ per child.
Christmas Day lunch and dinner buffet. Each at Rp.438,000++ per adult, Rp.219,000++ per child under 12.
C’s: Offering a special festive a la carte menu for lunch and dinner from Dec. 12-26.
Hotel is also selling turkey and beef hampers from Rp.2,288,000 to Rp.3,288,000.
Phone: (021) 2992 1234.

Grandkemang Hotel
Sperta: Christmas Eve dinner. Rp.245,000 ++ per person (incl. free flow non-alcohol drinks). 7pm – 10pm.
Christmas Day brunch. Rp.265,000 ++ (incl. free flow wine, sparkling wine, mimosa & bloody marys) 11am – 3pm.
Phone: (021) 719 4121.

Grand Sahid Jaya
Christmas Eve buffet. Rp.185,000 ++ per person. Children under 12 half-price.
Christmas Day buffet. Rp.175,000 ++. Children under 12 half-price.
Phone: (021) 570 4444 Ext. 1412.

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski
Signatures Restaurant: Christmas Eve buffet dinner. Rp.488,000 ++ per person. 6pm – 10.30pm.
Christmas brunch. Rp.488,000 ++. 11.30am – 3pm.
Casa D’oro: Christmas Eve set menu dinner. Rp.788,000++. 6pm – 10.30pm.
Christmas Day set menu dinner. Rp.888,000 ++. 6pm – 10.30pm.
Kempi Deli is selling Christmas roasts and hams.
Phone: (021) 2358 3800, 2358 3985.

JW Marriott Hotel
Christmas Eve dinner buffet. Rp.528,000 ++ per person (inc. non-alcohol drinks), Rp.618,000 (inc. free flow beer, sparkling wine and wine). 6pm-9.30pm.
Christmas Day lunch buffet. Rp.558,000 ++ (inc. non-alcohol drinks), Rp658,000 ++ (inc. free flow beer, sparkling wine and wine). 12pm-3.30pm.
Phone: (021) 57988888.

Mandarin Oriental
Cinnamon: Christmas Eve dinner. Rp.350,000 ++ per person (inc. non-alcohol beverages).
Christmas Day brunch. Rp.675,000 ++ (inc. beer, wine, sangria and eggnog).
Lyon: Christmas Eve dinner. Rp.688,000 ++ (inc. non-alcohol beverages). Eight-course set menu.
Christmas Day brunch. Rp.988,000 ++ (inc. beer and wine).
Xin Hwa: Christmas Eve dinner. Rp.488,000 ++.
Christmas Day all-you-can-eat dim sum: Rp188,000 ++.
Christmas Day Dinner: Rp.688,000 ++.
Phone: (021) 29938888.

Hotel Mulia Senayan
The Café: Christmas Eve buffet dinner. Rp.567,490 net per person.
Christmas Day international buffet lunch. Rp.470,690 net (inc. non-alcohol drinks).
Orient8 (French and Pan-Asian): Christmas Eve set menu dinner with a glass of wine. Rp.905,080 net.
Christmas Day buffet brunch. Rp.469,480 net (inc. non-alcohol drinks).
Edogin (Japanese): Christmas Eve buffet dinner. Rp.579,590 net.
Christmas Day buffet lunch. Rp.410,190 net.
Table8 (Chinese): Christmas Eve set menu dinner. Starts from Rp.650,980 net.
Christmas Day set menu. Starts from Rp.650,980 net.
Il Mare (Italian): Christmas Eve set menu dinner. Rp.965,580 net.
Cascade Lounge: Christmas Eve light international buffet. Rp.337,590 net.
Phone: (021) 5747777.

Park Lane
Cafe One: Christmas Eve buffet. Rp.250,000 ++ per person. Children from 5-12 half price.
Riva: Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, 5-course festive dinner menu. Rp.650,000 ++
Phone: (021) 8282000.

Pullman Jakarta Central Park
Christmas Eve dinner. Rp.396,880 net per person. Food only.
Christmas Day brunch. Rp.360,580 net. Food only.
Phone: (021) 29200088.

Ritz-Carlton (Mega Kuningan)
Asia Restaurant: Christmas Eve dinner. Rp.538,000 ++ per person (inc. free flow non-alcohol drinks). Rp 638,000 ++ (inc. free flow beer, sparkling wine, red and white wine). 6pm – 10pm.
Christmas Day brunch. Rp.558,000 ++ (inc. free flow non-alcohol drinks). Rp.658,000 ++ (inc. free flow beer, sparkling wine, red and white wine). 11:30am – 3pm.
Lobo: Christmas Eve dinner, 7-course set menu. Rp.758,000 ++. 6pm – 10.45pm.
Christmas Day brunch. Rp.658,000 ++ (inc. free flow non-alcohol drinks). Rp.808,000 ++ (inc. free flow martinis, sparkling wine, red and white wine). 12pm – 3pm.
Phone: (021) 25518888.

Sari Pan Pacific
Fiesta: Christmas Dinner buffet over Dec. 24-26. Rp.250,000 ++ per person. 6pm – 10pm.
Christmas Day brunch. Rp.280,000 ++.  11am – 3pm.
Keyaki: Christmas buffet dinner over Dec. 24-25. Rp.400,000 ++. 6pm – 10.30pm.
Phone: (021) 2993 2753, 2993 2752.

Shangri La
Satoo: Christmas Eve buffet lunch. Rp.602,580 net/person; Rp.301,290 net/child.
Christmas Eve dinner. Rp.602,580 net/person; Rp.301,290 net/child.
Christmas Day buffet lunch. Rp.602,580 net/person; Rp.301,290 net/child.
Christmas Day dinner. Rp.602,580 net (inc. non-alcohol beverages); Rp.301,290 net/child.
Rosso: Christmas Eve dinner, 4-course set menu. Rp.683,650 net (inc. free flow of juices and soft drinks). Rp.953,480 net (inc. free flow of juices, soft drinks and wine).
Christmas Day buffet brunch. Rp.598,950 net (inc. free flow of non-alcohol drinks). Rp.780,450 net (inc. free flow of soft drinks, ice tea, wine and sparkling wine).
Christmas Day dinner, 4-course set menu. Rp.574,750 net (inc. one glass of red or white wine).
BATS: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day set menu dinners. Rp.477,950 net (inc. one glass of red or white or sparkling wine).
Phone:  (021) 5707440.

Bars & Restaurants

Aphrodite: Christmas Eve and Day meal specials. (021) 527 3307.

Cazbar: Main course Christmas menu. Rp.145,000 net. (021) 576 4582.

De Hooi: Christmas specials. (021) 7500742.

Double Doors: Christmas specials menu in the lead-up to December 25. (021) 58356816.

Eastern Promise: 3-course set menu on Christmas Eve (7pm – 10pm) and Christmas Day (12pm – 10pm). Rp.175,000 net or Rp.145,000 net for main course only; Rp.50,000 net per child.  (021) 71790151.

Hazara: Christmas & New Year set menu over Dec 23 to Jan 7: Rp.225,000 ++. Minimum order: 8 persons. (021) 31925053.

Molly Malone’s Irish Pub: From December 22, 3-course Christmas lunch all day. Rp.200,000 ++.  (021) 71794510.

Murphy’s Irish Pub: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 3-course Christmas lunch. Rp.200,000 ++. (021)7183382.

La Na Thai: Christmas & New Year set menu over Dec 23 to Jan 7: Rp.225,000 ++ /person. Minimum order: 8 persons. (021) 31925037.

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