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Pioneering Elderly Care in Bali with Dewi Trisnawati

Elderly Care in Bali

An Insightful Conversation with Dewi Trisnawati, the Managing Director of Hovi Care Bali.

In an exclusive interview, Indonesia Expat had the privilege of speaking with Dewi Trisnawati, the Managing Director of Hovi Care Bali. Dewi, known as Trisna to her colleagues, leads the pioneering elderly care organisation in Bali, which operates two premier facilities: Hovi Club Teuku Umar in Denpasar and Hovi Assisted Saba in Gianyar. With a rich background in the hospitality industry and a passion for improving elderly care, Dewi shared her journey, the services Hovi Care offers, and the challenges and future plans for this groundbreaking enterprise.

Dewi Trisnawati, the Visionary Managing Director of Hovi Care Bali.
Hovi Club Teuku Umar in Denpasar
Hi, Dewi Trisnawati. Let’s start our conversation by introducing yourself first.

Hello, you can call me Trisna. I’m the Managing Director of Hovi Care Bali, which operates two facilities in Bali, namely Hovi Club Teuku Umar in Denpasar and Hovi Assisted Saba in Gianyar.

Could you tell us about your career background and how you successfully became the managing director at Hovi Care?

I have been working in the hospitality industry, specifically in Sales & Marketing, for more than three decades. My last assignment in the hospitality industry was as the Deputy Head of Hospitality. I was looking for opportunities in another industry where I could learn new things, where my solid hospitality management background would be useful, and where my professional and personal values would be respected. Coincidentally, such an opportunity came up, and the rest is history.

Elderly Care in Bali - Hovi Club

Let’s shift our focus to Hovi Care. Please tell us about Hovi Care and the range of services and amenities it offers.

Hovi Care has its roots in Finland, with over 30 years of experience in elderly care. They own and operate eight nursing homes and elderly facilities in Finland. Expansion to Asia includes Singapore and Indonesia (Bali). We have been managing and operating two facilities in Bali since 2019:

  • Hovi Club Teuku Umar at Marinda Park. It is located on Jl. Teuku Umar Barat No. 72, Denpasar. It opens from Monday to Friday for half-day and full-day visits. Our Centre Manager and his team of caregivers organise daily programmes and activities for the visiting seniors, covering social interaction, and physical and cognitive rehabilitation. Snacks and lunch are included for the day.
  • Hovi Assisted Saba. This one is located in Gianyar and integrated with Kasih Ibu Hospital Saba. It has private rooms, 24/7 caregivers, meals, activity programmes, a dining area, a rooftop garden, housekeeping, and laundry. The services offered at Hovi Assisted Saba include:

Assisted Living: For seniors who need assistance with daily activities and mobility but want to maintain a sense of independence and community. It provides a home-like environment where seniors can live comfortably and safely with 24/7 support.

Step-down Care: Temporary rehabilitation programme for patients recovering from a stroke, surgery, or other medical conditions that require hospitalisation. We help clients regain their independence and improve their quality of life, while also reducing the risk of complications and readmissions to the hospital.

Relief Care / Respite Care: Temporary care for seniors, providing a supportive and structured environment to help them maintain their independence while also reducing the stress and burden on family caregivers.

Hovi Care Bali

As the pioneer of elderly care in Bali, does Hovi Care foresee any challenges ahead?

More support from the government regarding regulations, visa policies, caregivers’ competency standards, and English proficiency would be very important to face any challenges ahead, including business competition. Cultural challenges also remain, as there is still a negative stigma in Indonesia towards families deciding to bring their loved ones to an elderly care facility instead of keeping them at home.

Are you exclusively targeting local and national clients and patients?

Our facilities cater to all nationalities. Currently, at Hovi Assisted Saba, most of our clients are foreign nationals. Meanwhile, more Indonesians are visiting Hovi Club Teuku Umar.

We heard that Hovi Care has collaborated with a reputable local hospital group, Kasih Ibu Group. How did you establish this partnership?

The President Director and owner of Kasih Ibu Hospitals Group has always envisioned the need and availability of international-standard elderly care facilities in Bali. Kasih Ibu Hospitals Group leads the way through a franchise partnership with Hovi Care Finland, which has invested more than 30 years in building up the franchising model to offer the best possible well-being service for seniors – and peace of mind for their families.

What methods or approaches do you employ to care for elderly individuals?

We believe that a good life involves valuing the client’s individual choices, openness, transparency of operations, a positive outlook, and a memorable service experience. Every day.

Individuality means that all our decisions are made based on the client’s needs and wishes. The senior is valued as an individual with their habits and personal requirements, respecting and fostering their right to act autonomously.

Trust between the senior’s family and us is born out of the transparency of our operations. You are welcome to come to see us at any time. Our service is always of excellent quality. With open interaction between our staff, caregivers, clients, and their families, we ensure the best outcome.

We function as an inspirational enabler of new and exciting experiences and a safe and secure guide. We want each elderly person to feel that they are truly cared for.

What’s next for Hovi Care?

Development and opening of new facilities on the island are in the pipeline for 2027.

Last but not least, how can our readers reach you and Hovi Care?

My email is [email protected]. The WhatsApp number for all inquiries is +62 811-3861-810. Follow our Instagram @hoviclub_teuku_umar and @hoviassisted.saba

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