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Sinovac Approved for Children 6-11 Years Old

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The National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) has granted a license for Sinovac vaccines to be given to older children, aged six to 11 years old.

“The after-effects of the pediatric clinical trials have been with regards to security and immunogenicity. It shows that Sinovac is ok for youngsters from six to 11 years,” Head of BPOM Penny Lukito said during an online conference on Monday.

The issuance of licenses for COVID-19 immunizations for youngsters is a pressing matter. Schools are starting to introduce face-to-face learning, she explained.

In the preliminary clinical report, it says that comparable outcomes were found for Sinovac in kids aged 6-11 as in those from 11-17, which was around 11-17% of the absolute clinical preliminary subjects, she explained. A permit to offer the Sinovac vaccines to children from 11 to 17 years was recently given after it was confirmed safe, she noted.

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The clinical report also shows that the children can develop a stronger immune response that adults, with immunogenicity at 96.15 percent in kids, as compared to 89.04 percent in grown-ups, Lukito went on to say.

The Sinovac vaccine is the primary jab offered to those aged 6-11, she noted. She said also said that she hopes further vaccines will become available for kids in this age range.

“We are sitting tight for additional immunizations that, before long, will be approved by BPOM to be used for any aged 6-11 years, trusting that we could have more age inclusion for COVID-19 inoculation,” Lukito commented.

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