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Police Hunt Naked Foreigner in Bali’s Babakan Temple Tree

Babakan Temple Tree
Police Hunt Naked Foreigner in Bali's Babakan Temple Tree. source instagram.

Head of the Bali district police Assistant Commissioner of Police I Gede Budiarta has confirmed that he is looking for a naked foreigner who recorded herself in a large tree behind Babakan Temple, Bali, which is sacred to locals.

Niluh Djelantik, the Head of the Central Executive Board of Nasdem, uploaded the account information of the female foreigner. The woman is believed to be from Russia and has since deleted the content and deactivated her account.

The video was uploaded by @alina_yogi which is no longer live on Instagram. Not long after that, a similar account appeared with the name @alina_fazleeva.

The upload of a short video showing a naked figure moving around a tree quickly received strong criticism from netizens. Budiarta said that his team is still conducting investigations and seeking more information from local residents.

Babakan Temple Tree
Babakan Temple Tree

Our team is conducting an investigation by contacting the local authorities in the area of ​​Babakan, Tua Village,” he said on Wednesday 4th May 2022.

The assistant commissioner also said that information needed to be confirmed, such as whether it was filmed a long ago or recently. 

Access to the giant tree was not strict enough before. However, recently the location of the filming has been under much stricter surveillance recently, calling into question when the video may have been taken.

“We don’t know for sure what year the video was taken and my team is still looking for the actual information,” said Budiarta.

The foreigner could be prosecuted for desecrating sacred places by being naked. This could also lead to deportation

“She can still be ensnared by the law. It is a sacred place near the temple. We will find out the truth so we don’t speculate wrongly. We just found out that it went viral on social media,” concluded Budiarta.

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