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More than 50 percent of Businesses in Indonesia Potentially Adopt AI Technology

AI Technology
More than 50 percent of Businesses in Indonesia Potentially Adopt AI Technology

Mekari’s research has determined that a company’s readiness to embrace AI technology can be gauged through three levels of current technology implementation.

One of Indonesia’s digital solution companies, Mekari, has recently unveiled a research report entitled “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption Readiness of Businesses in Indonesia.” This research identifies three levels of readiness among companies in Indonesia concerning the adoption of AI technology.

“Based on research conducted in the first quarter of 2023, Indonesian companies have been vigorously pursuing digital transformation, which has emerged as the cornerstone for adopting the latest forthcoming technology, namely AI,” stated Mekari’s CEO, Suwandi Soh. “AI technology is set to revolutionise how companies operate by offering a range of advantages, from automation to increased productivity.”

Mekari’s research reveals that a company’s readiness to adopt AI technology can be assessed across three levels of current technology implementation. At the initial level, the company has employed at least one type of digital solution to increase productivity in one of its primary business processes or activities. As many as 95 percent of medium and large businesses in the Greater Jakarta Area, Bandung, and Surabaya fall within this category.

At the second level, companies have not only utilised but also integrated various digital solutions into several processes or operational activities to enhance overall business efficiency. Among the companies that have employed at least one digital solution at the first level, up to 35 percent have successfully deepened their technological usage, progressing to this higher tier.

At the third or highest level, a company has established a technology ecosystem by combining two critical factors: technology infrastructure and company culture. This enables them to optimise technology for business growth. Among the companies that have implemented and integrated various digital solutions at the second level, as many as 62 percent have advanced to this top tier.

“Companies at the third level possess the greatest potential for adopting AI, which will operate atop their technology ecosystem. Furthermore, they can serve as an inspiration to other companies, encouraging increased technological adoption, particularly in the realm of AI, to achieve substantial business growth. The implementation of AI will signify a significant milestone for companies since it will empower them to design and implement innovation across all business activities or processes, spanning from human resource management to customer service,” remarked Soh.

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